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‘Ready to give own blood but will not allow NRC', says Amra Bangali Party
TIWN Dec 4, 2019
‘Ready to give own blood but will not allow NRC', says Amra Bangali Party
PHOTO : Amra Bangali Party held protest in Agartala. TIWN Pic Dec 4, 2019

AGARTALA, Dec 4 (TIWN): When Tiprasa membered regional parties are happy over Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s announcement on NRC, Bengali based Amra Bangali Party has given a warning to the BJP led Central Govt in Tripura if NRC is implemented.

Amra Bangali leaders said, “We are ready to give our blood but will not allow NRC here”.

They said that Bengalis are always victimized and now also the same things are happening with the Bengalis.

Slamming the local BJP, Amra Bangali said that the BJP are dropping messages homes to homes that Hindus will not be affected in NRC and only Muslims will be affected by it. The party asked, if so, then also where the 20 crores of Muslims will go from India ?

The party leaders said if NRC affects Muslims of India, then automatically it will affect minority Hindus in neighboring countries and peace will be halted.

All overall, the party has asked NRC’s no imposition in Tripura and if happens it has to be done over the dead bodies of the Bengalis. 

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