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BJP's DALAL-Media : No Action, No Investigation against Pranab Sarkar & Team even after Police Officer filed FIR against Headlines Tripura Journalist for Money-Extortion, Black-mailing
TIWN Dec 4, 2019
BJP's DALAL-Media : No Action, No Investigation against Pranab Sarkar & Team even after Police Officer filed FIR against Headlines Tripura Journalist for Money-Extortion, Black-mailing
PHOTO : Photo inset : Journalist Sujit Borua, Biplab Deb, Pranab Sarkar, SI Ramakrishna Das. Photo background : SI's vehicle thrown into the pond

AGARTALA / KANCHANPUR, Dec 4 (TIWN): Tripura’s marked ‘DALAAL’, a blot on state journalism and self-announced Agartala Press Club Secretary in mafia style Pranab Sarkar and his team is living happily as mastered in bootlicking from CPI-M to BJP era Pranab Sarkar is escaped from investigation in various cases, either in BJP IT cell former head Anupam Pal’s case and Pranab Sarkar’s false denial of knowing Anupam Pal or in money-extortion via journalists against which in August 24, 2019 Police officer Ramkrishna Das filed FIR but no action taken as Pranab is beneficiary of BJP and recently caught touching feet of Chief Minister Biplab Deb who is much younger than Pranab.

Introducing Rose Valley in Tripura at first CPI-M’s bootlicker, then Congress and ahead of Assembly Election 2018 BJP Pranab Sarkar has continued his mafia regime, whereas his maximum staffs belong to a TV channel which were run by none other than Rose Valley company, although being new to the state, Chief Minister Biplab Deb need to walk long to know Tripura media’s real history.

CBI may inquire all the journalists who were working in Rose Valley’s channel 365.

Extortion scam of Pranab Sarkar’s TV channel was exposed after police official Ramkrishna Das lodged FIR against Sujit Barua, a journalist of “Headlines Tripura”. Sujit Barua under Headlines Owner Pranab Sarkar's directions demanded Rs 40,000 to Rs 50,000 extortion money from Kanchanpur Police Station SI Ramkrishna Das. After SI Ramkrishna Das refused to pay extortion money for blackmailing him via Headlines Tripura News, so Sujit Barua alongwith other two criminals attacked SI Ramkrishna Das and pushed SI's car and SI into a shallow pond with the intention to murder police officer.

After pushing Police Officer's vehicle into pond, then Sujit Barua & Headlines Tripura published a FAKE news that SI Ramkrishna Das was drunk and drove his vehicle into a pond. Today SI Ramkrishna Das filed FIR against Sujit Barua & Headlines Tripura for this criminal act of extortion.

Kanchanpur SI Ramkrishna Das said  to TIWN & other Medias that  “Since few days, one Headlines Tripura Journalist named Sujit Barua was demanding Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 50,000 from me in phone and also face to face. Then I asked the purpose and he said that due to Durga puja coming ahead I have to give him the money. Then I told him, there is no reason to give him money and GD entry was done under the knowledge of OC and SDPO. I was going to Srirampur and Sujit Barua saw me and called me in phone. He said, he wanted to talk to me. I avoided him but when I was towards Srirampur on that time 3 persons gave me signal and I stopped there and suddenly one Tom Tom met an accident with me and immediately few people gheraoed me and threw my car in the water-body, snatched my phone”.

“Their ( Sujit Barua) planning was very bad. They planwise stood there and the people who gathered as public, where plan-wise set there. The Sujit Barua screamed and called people, telephoned many to blame me”, said Kanchanpur SI Ramkrishna Das. Alongwith Sujit Barua, another noted extortionist cum Journalist Bishwajit Saha also mentioned in Police FIR.

 In the FIR it has also been said that Sujit Barua snatched SI Ramkrishan Das's mobile phone which kept various blackmailing evidences against Barua.

This is not the first time but also similar extortion allegations came against Pranab Sarkar’s media Headlines Tripura. Former BJP and Congress IT call person, a Headlines Tripur Staff Anupam Paul who was arrested by police for being part of news blackmailing.

Pranab Sarkar continue running extortion racket by using Journalists Sujit Barua or in past Anupam Paul type of characters only because of flaunting his close relationship with Chief Minister Biplab Deb.

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