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Unemployment problems hit Tripura
TIWN Dec 3, 2019
Unemployment problems hit Tripura
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AGARTALA, Dec 3 (TIWN): In another baseless claim, Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb claimed that Tripura’s unemployment rate is only 1.70 lakhs only when Govt jobs rates have drastically downed in Tripura in last 2 years. CM said this in a programme at Agartala Rabindra Bhawan, based on unemployment rate found from national registration of unemployed youths. Deb claimed that before the election, he also used to say that Tripura tops in unemployment at 7.75 lakhs whereas now it’s at 1 lakh 69 thousand 956 (1.70 lakhs). He said that due to industrialization it happened and also fixing of data-error helped to get the actual data via national registration. Recently however in many programmes, Biplab Deb has however repeated the same claim in various programmes. According to CMIE report published for the October month, 2019 most suffered state among all Indian states is Tripura whose unemployment rate is now 27.2%. Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) has revealed its monthly data for Indian unemployment rate for October-2019, listing Tripura at the top position in unemployment rate.

BJP Govt before voted to power in Tripura promised in written document that it will give 50000 govt jobs within one year of the Govt formation but the Govt only could gave around 1400 jobs reportedly along with thousands of terminations. However, State Govt has motivated entrepreneurship and invited investors with the slash of corporate taxes. Tripura Govt also started single window system for ease in business and loans were sanctioned at a huge number to youths who chose to be job creators. 

19% increase in unemployment rate in Tripura under BJP Govt has been reported by CMIE data.

Whereas under Manik Sarkar Govt it was only 8.5%, now under Biplab Deb it went at 27.2%

Tripura's unemployment graph from 2017-2019 (a monthly comparison)
October, 2017 (Left Govt ): 8.5 % unemployment
October, 2018 (BJP Govt) : 32. 4 % unemployment
October, 2019 (BJP Govt) : 27.2 % unemployment.

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