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Old mother beaten by son, daughter-in-law for property
TIWN Dec 2, 2018
Old mother beaten by son, daughter-in-law for property
PHOTO : Old mother beaten by son, daughter-in-law for property. TIWN Pic Dec 1, 2019

AGARTALA, Dec 2 (TIWN): Widow mother of 3 sons beaten out of home and Panchayat ( of Ranir Bazar) betrayed the victim with political colour.

Woman and her daughter complained in Women PS, spent night in a hotel in Agartala. Click TIWN YouTube link to see widow woman's statement

The victim daughter Rita Rani Roy said, “Continuously me and my mother are tortured and threatened to be murdered by my brother’s wife Tulsi. Women Police just receiving the complaint under 107 but then dismissing the case. On the other side, they are torturing us, even beaten me recently. We have mobile recording, all evidences. Today, when I was entering the home, I heard that my mother was mistreated and insulted with loud shouting. As soon as I entered. I was beaten again by my brother which caused bleeding. Panchayat sat but could not solve the matter. Thus, we have come again in police station”.

On yesterday night  thus the mother and daughter stayed in a hotel.

The old woman has three sons.

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