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Tripura Govt targets Tourism development via ease in Transport System : 'Waterways' to 'Airways' developmental projects started, Opposition hits Govt for no-maintenance of Roadways
TIWN Aug 27, 2019
Tripura Govt targets Tourism development via ease in Transport System : 'Waterways' to 'Airways' developmental projects started, Opposition hits Govt for no-maintenance of Roadways
PHOTO : Indigo flight in Agartala Airport. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, Aug 27 (TIWN): Govt of Tripura has targeted to boost tourism via ease transport system and DEMU trains to be started from the 1st September which will massively increase the frequency of trains in stations. When Govt is claiming various routes development from waterways to Airways, opposition parties hit the Govt on the ground of pathetic road-way conditions of the state. CPI-M former Minister Badal Choudhury recently hit the Govt alleging since BJP Govt assumed power no maintenance was done on those roads. Amid allegations, the State Govt has set target to develop all routes step by step. According to Govt information, Medical-hub, Tourism is now its target which will definitely generate huge revenues if succeeded. Chief Minister Biplab Deb has called the people of the nation to visit Tripura and explore the beauty and heritage of it.

This call was as a part if Prime Minister Modi’s urge to the nation to boost tourism and share experience about iconic places of the country. It is expected Tripura which has various natural cites and also has Tripura Sunadri temple like world-famous tourism spot. 

On yesterday CM Biplab Deb said that now Tripura Railway passengers will have trains at every half an hour. He informed that from after 31st August 4 DEMU trains will be plying which will increase frequency of trains. At the same time, Tripura has various local trains and other trains as Shilchar-Agartala etc.

By calculating the movements of trains, Chief Minister Biplab Deb said that at each 25 minutes of half an hour there will be trains in stations now. 

Tripura now has got direct flight between Delhi-Agartala which may boost tourism due to availability of passengers.

In another connectivity blessing under PM Modi’s Act East Policy for Northeast and promise on HIRA for State Tripura, the Railway connectivity has set another milestone when 73rd Independence day is being celebrated.

Tripura gets DEMU Train service Dharmanagar- Agartala- Belonia- Sabroom.

Tripura youths in social media have already started exploring own state’s beauty and digging various unseen beauties of the state.

Indeed Tripura CM’s speech at Assam Rifles Ground was focused with Transport Development.

Deb on the occasion of nation 73rd Independence Day pitched on the transport system’s development to boost business and communication from Airways to Waterways under the new Govt.

The terminal in the MBB Airport will be completed by 2019 December and by 2020 January it will be started. This is the first time that Agartala-Delhi direct flight service has been started. It will lead business and can connect Agartala with big cities.

To develop the transport infrastructure, meter autos have been started and also bus services are being launched. Now, from Airport direct pre-paid autos are available”.

Central Govt has allocated 50 electrical buses for the state. It will strengthen the transport system more.

The ongoing project on Gomati river about port-ways establishment will be benefited if succeeded in coming days.  

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