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Traffic routes will be changed in Agartala in office hours from 16th August
TIWN Aug 14, 2019
Traffic routes will be changed in Agartala in office hours from 16th August
PHOTO : New routes declared for office hours in Agartala, Traffic SP (Right). TIWN Pic Aug 14

AGARTALA, Aug 14 (TIWN): Traffic routes in Agartala city will be changed for examination from 16th August aimed to control the traffic jams of the city due which the city turns sluggish everyday in office hours.

The changes will be only for 1 and half hours in the morning and afternoon.

While addressing media, Traffic SP Pinaki Samanta said that this change should be seen totally as experimental process and if the changes turn fruitful then the routes will be changed in the long run, until the smart city project comes in action.

Explaining the changes, the SP said, “If a person wants to enter via North Gate from morning 9.30 AM to 11 AM s/he has to take left turn and will take the Bodhjung School route and via Women’s College road can move right or left anywhere”.

“If a person wants to enter from the opposite direction, i.e. from Women’s College via North Gate s/he is allowed to go to Buddha Mandir route for that particular time”, SP told media.

“In the same way from Coronel Chowmuhani all the vehicles will go direct to Buddha Mandir road”.

Then he explained about the routes for afternoon for 5 PM to 6.30 PM.

Traffic SP Pinaki Samanta said, “The traffic towards Haradhan Sangha-Coronel Chowmuhani can be used whereas from Coronel Chowmuhani they can not come here. So from Coronel Chowmuhani to Airport, Barjala route has to be taken. Or via by-pass if Buddhha Mandir route can be taken then then it can be done. Basically the right side will be one-way and the left side will be same”.

“Another route which is via Lake Chowmuhani to Haradhan Sangha joint, in morning office time you have to take left compulsorily, i.e. you can not go towards Coronel Chowmuhani………then in evening you have to go towards Coronel Chowmuhani not towards North Gate”, the Traffic SP said.

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