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Amid daily violence, MP’s former CM claims, 'Tripura CPI-M regime was worse than Bengal’s Mamata Banerjee Govt'
TIWN Aug 1, 2019
Amid daily violence, MP’s former CM claims, 'Tripura CPI-M regime was worse than Bengal’s Mamata Banerjee Govt'
PHOTO : Former Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan addressing media. TIWN Pic Aug 1

AGARTALA, Aug 1 (TIWN): Former Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan who has arrived in Tripura on yesterday to strengthen BJP, has slammed the previous CPI-M Govt for violence took place under its regime, although IPFT-BJP’s fighting has hit the law and order in Khowai. When Tripura from 90% voting rate has turned a state of election rigging, forceful capturing of seats and centering Lok Sabha Election results over thousands of houses were burnt allegedly led by tainted BJP General Secretary Pratima Bhowmik, the former CM of Madhya Pradesh has claimed that CPI-M regime was worse than Mamata Banerjee’s rule in Bengal. Addressing media at BJP state headquarter in Agartala Krishnanagar, Chouhan said, “CPI-M looted the state when Congress was at centre. The former PM Manmohon Singh was representing a constituency from Assam but he never bothered for Tripura and other Northeast states. Manmohon Singh came once in 10 years here, whereas Modi ji came 5 to 5 times. Even though Tripura belonged to CPI-M rule but we (BJP Govt) were worried for Tripura".

"56 times, central ministers came here and in each visit they brought something for Tripura. 50000 crores have been given extra for Northeast in last 5 years”.

Chouhan further called Tripura undoubtedly a HIRA model appreciating all works going under Highways, I-Ways, Railways, Airways.

He mentioned how Railways was developed under Modi era and how Airways are also getting a new shape under International Airport project.

“Now in Tripura Congress , CPI-M all are cleared. Greatest achievement is CPI-M’s mafia-raj is ended. There are extortions under Mamata Banerjee at Bengal but here openly chandabaji went on”.

“CPI-M should answer why it did not buy crops from farmers at minimum support price ?”, said Chouhan.

However, ironically the situation in case of law and order is not at all changed even under BJP era due to bunches criminals sitting in the top position. Beside, Chouhan, BJP Minister Ratanlal Nath was sitting who interfered in judicial process to save a criminal like MLA Ram Prasad Pal, even though real victims in the case also belonged to BJP party.

CPI-M’s mafia-raj is ended because now BJP’s mafia-raj has been started and maximum CPI-M’s mafias are now BJP’s mafia after election.

Most frustrating under BJP era was the low voting percentage has depressed ruling party also in this Panchayat Election.

Huge numbers of people didn’t cast vote even though the voting rate went 77% which has been termed as ‘ghost voting’. Numbers of voters were very less and muteness, silence gripped across raising question, are people fed up of poll violence and poll cheating ? This time indeed people have nothing to say against poll rigging and similar issues and maximum chose “not to cast vote”, which is another bad sign for democracy like West Bengal.

When booth capturing pictures are visible in this election, people chose to remain unaffected and silent. Unlike previous Panchayat Election or Lok Sabha Election, there was no trend of battling for the voting rights this time, rather in many booths absence of voters was seen, whereas BJP workers occupied booths in many areas. There was no sign of following mode codes and conducts and numbers of security personnel were very less. Shocking, on yesterday in few places polling agents counted votes ! 

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