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JUMLA Confusion in Tripura High Court ! PP claimed, ‘Hearing against MLA Ram Prasad Pal was mistake (?)’, but media spotted Ram Prasad’s car inside Court Complex
TIWN July 29, 2019
JUMLA Confusion in Tripura High Court ! PP claimed, ‘Hearing against MLA Ram Prasad Pal was mistake (?)’, but media spotted Ram Prasad’s car inside Court Complex
PHOTO : MLA Ram Prasad's car inside High Court, Photo inset : Ram Prasad (File Photo), PP Babul Chowdhury. TIWN Photos July 29

AGARTALA, July 29 (TIWN): A huge JUMLA-confusion has been erupted centering BJP MLA Ram Prasad Pal’s hearing where Justice Arindam Lodh on July 26 ordered police to arrest Ram Prasad Pal if he doesn’t appear in the court on Monday. Media people rushed at the time of hearing and spotted Ram Prasad Pal’s car inside the Court but after long waits, Pal didn’t come out and PP Babul Chowdhury said, MLA has not come as nobody gave him the letter from High Court to appear in Court. However, it has been almost assured that the MLA might was hiding inside the court whereas PP Babul Chowdhury said question does not arise that Ram Prasad Pal has to be present in the court. The issue was totally a mistake, said the PP. However, since establishment of the High Court it will be the first major mistake in the High Court, as High Court has remained as Tripura people’s last hope. Who came in Ram Prasad Pal’s car it’s also mysterious.

PP’s claim of court’s mistake only in the time of ruling MLA has depressed democracy nodoubtedly but such embarrassing situation between PP and media is not a healthy practice for the State.

According to High Court’s order of 26th July, BJP MLA Ram Prasad Pal had to remain present today in High Court.Tripura High Court ordered arrest of MLA Ram Prasad Pal immediately or asked the accused to remain present in Court on Monday.

In the last hearing on July 26, police was asked by High Court Justice Arindam Lodh why he is not taking appropriate action against the main accused (Ram Prasad Pal) ?

On 1st July 164 of Ram Prasad Pal was done which according to the court is too late. Also 161-statement was taken later and it was asked why the I/O didn’t take action against the main accused persons ? This order was given in connection with Amtali PS Case No- 69/2019 judge asked police to immediately arrest them accused or to remain present on Monday (today) 2 pm.

There are total five accused persons 1) Ajoy Patari 2) Kartik Das 3)Tulshi Das, 4)Sankar Chakraborty and 5)MLA Ramprasad Paul.The BJP MLA created a serious controversy and FIR has been lodged against him for assaulting a housewife and beaten her husband openly. The victim family is also BJP supporting family and members of the party.

The case no in Amtali PS : 2019 AMT 069, U/S-326/ 307/ 354 (B)/ 506/ 34 A IPC. Ram Prasad Pal’s group also came in fighting with own party workers. On the other side, BJP Minister Ratanlal Nath finds High Court’s judgement as confusing after it asked police to arrest MLA Ram Prasad Pal if he fails to present in the court by today 2 pm. 

In same way, PP Babul Chowdhury said that the whole issue was a mistake even though media saw Ram Prasad Pal’s car inside court.

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