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CPI-M played Old Cassette from Melarmath headquarter after Panchayat Poll rigging : Congress President addressed media but no reaction from CPI-M’s opposition leader
TIWN July 28, 2019
CPI-M played Old Cassette from Melarmath headquarter after Panchayat Poll rigging : Congress President addressed media but no reaction from CPI-M’s opposition leader
PHOTO : Left : Bijan Dhar, Manik Sarkar, Right : Pradyot Deb Barman, Panchayat Election. TIWN Photos.

AGARTALA, July 28 (TIWN): Lack of opportunity for youths at the top layer of CPI-M party, occupying of chairs only by few senior leaders and shedding tears from the headquarter is not at all working for CPI-M in Tripura. Indeed BJP came in power by engaging more numbers of youths in the limelight as holding and Govt and strengthening Party are not same jobs. In Panchayat Election, CPI-M like each post poll season has addressed a press conference and encouraged their comrades from the state headquarter, thanking them for participating in poll even after much attacks. On the other side, Congress overcoming all fears is now confident of doing good results in the Election, giving a sense of “replying with stones against bricks”.

Indeed, there was “do or die” message in Congress leaders’ voices while expressing “super confidence” of good result. Congress President Pradyot Deb Barman has addressed media and was present in Congress headquarter on yesterday whole day, whereas CPI-M’s opposition leader Manik Sarkar was not seen even in the press conference and as usual Bijan Dhar and Party Secretary Gautam Das addressed media as if it was a normal day for the party. In social media, CPI-M workers themselves have trolled their leaders for their failure to mass appeal like Congress.

CPI-M needs to add more dynamic leaders and push youths in the mainsteam of politics and not by attaching them only with SFI or DYFI, but most dynamic leaders are either put in wings of CPI-M or in Gana Mukti Parishad.

After Panchayat Election was ended amid booth capturing and public’s no interest for votes, Tripura CPI-M said that all elections under BJP Govt including this Panchayat Election have been shame for Democracy, but it seemed like an old cassette.   

Like everytime, CPI-M gave a list before media about the attacks took place on their leaders and activists, demanding justice from Govt and blaming the Election Commission.

Addressing media, CPI-M convenor Bijan Dhar said, “All elections were shame for Democracy and for everything mainly responsible is CM cum BJP President Biplab Deb. Second accused for murder of democracy is State Election Commissioner (G K Rao). State Election Commission’s power may be limited but he could not use his minimum duty from nomination submission to vote process”, said Dhar,

“Even after 86% seats were grabbed by BJP via attacks, barbaric attitudes making them uncontested, CPI-M didn’t give up the battle”, Dhar told media.

“For remaining 14% we decided to fight at our best. We decided that to rescue people’s voting rights. However we had idea of such violence and rigging”, he added.

“Election rigging was expected and it happened in shameless manner. CPI-M candidates were attacked since yesterday night, voters could not come out for votes. In Santir Bazar BJP supporters were arrested but BJP activists then gheraoed police station demanding release of those hooligans. This is the condition. Same happened in Sonamura, Kathalia, Jiraina and across state. Except one or two booths, booth capturing was reported from allover the state”, said the Marxist leader.

CPI-M State General Secretary announced huge numbers of CPI-M leaders, activists who have been injured, hospitalized due to poll violence. 

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