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Fake pistol, bombs recovered at Kailashahar
TIWN July 27, 2019
Fake pistol, bombs recovered at Kailashahar
PHOTO : Fake pistol, bombs recovered at Kailashahar. TIWN Pic July 27

AGARTALA, July 27 (TIWN): Centering the Panchayat election, to create terror false bombs and pistols were recovered from Fultali area of Kailashahar.

The items were recovered from one Dipankar Ghosh’s home at Chandipur block’s Fultali village.

At late night police rushed to Dipankar Ghosh’s home and started operation.

They recovered those items from Dipankar Ghosh’s poultry farm. On that time, Dipankar was not present in the house.

Dipankar after returning home visited police station and police interrogated him.

Later, those items were recognized as fake and then police released him. 

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