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After losing trust over EC, lack of enthusiasm among Tripura voters in Panchayat Election : Is Tripura’s democracy lynched successfully ?
TIWN July 27, 2019
After losing trust over EC, lack of enthusiasm among Tripura voters in Panchayat Election : Is Tripura’s democracy lynched successfully ?
PHOTO : Panchayat Election Agartala. TIWN Pic July 27

AGARTALA, July 27 (TIWN): BJP won 10% more uncontested seats (96%) in Panchayat Election 2018 in Tripura in comparison to 2019’s July Panchayat election (86%), but from media to opposition everywhere at least voice of democracy remained alive in 2018 up to Lok Sabha Election but this election where BJP is set to win 86% seats (10% more than 2018 Election), didn’t bring any hope. Lack of enthusiasm was observed among Tripura voters after one year of hard struggle for casting rights in battle against election manipulators. This time indeed people have nothing to say against poll rigging and similar issues and maximum chose “not to cast vote”, which is another bad sign for democracy like West Bengal. When booth capturing pictures are visible in this election, people chose to remain unaffected and silent.

Unlike previous Panchayat Election or Lok Sabha Election, there was no trend of battling for the voting rights this time, rather in many booths absence of voters was seen, whereas BJP workers occupied booths in many areas. There was no sign of following mode codes and conducts and numbers of security personnel were very less. But what lacked this time, was as if public or the opposition voters this time have given up and chose to stay mute against any violation.

Numbers of voters were very less and muteness, silence gripped across.

It has triggered question, “Is Tripura’s Democracy is permanently lynched ?”

The lynching attempts started by BJP leaders like Pratima Bhowmik, Rama Prasad Pal, Krishnadhan Das like leaders and youths leaders who turned popular for rigging and terrorizing voters were Joylal Das, Nabadul Banik like people

In Lok Sabha Election, like many states, a section of people felt to be “betrayed” by Election Commission amid many, many attempts taken by opposition parties to rescue democracy. There is a feeling of trustlessness over Election Commission, says survey.

Earlier, public created videos of rigging, made them viral but this time they chose to stay at home.

In 2018, September even though BJP won 96% seats uncontested still people / opposition voters struggled to cast vote, but this time there was no enthusiasm among public for 14% remaining seats, as if surrendered before ‘murderers of democracy’.

However, there was no report of violence so far and election is going on peacefully.

Tripura Panchayat Election voting has started from morning 8 am across booths of 14% Panchayat seats. This election is for namesake as BJP is all set to win 86% seats uncontested after opposition party candidates were threatened and forced to give up elections.

Tripura Election since one and half year has become trend of ‘forceful winning’ by ruling BJP and oppositions termed each election held under BJP Govt as ‘farce’.

Vote counting will be held on July 31st.

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