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CM Biplab Deb cited disciple Aruni’s example as ideal ‘shishya’
TIWN July 25, 2019
CM Biplab Deb cited disciple Aruni’s example as ideal ‘shishya’
PHOTO : CM Biplab Deb addressing at Sukanta Academy. TIWN Pic July 25

AGARTALA, July 25 (TIWN): CM Biplab Deb has cited example of Aruni, a Vedic figure as a model for Guru and Shishya relations. CM said while addressing in Guru Laha Pranam programme.

Addressing on the occasion, Chief Minister said, “We (Indians) have the culture of Guru and Sishya’s rooted relation. Even in modern days also, many of us consider our parents as our ‘dharma’ and many of us still believe our parents as our Gurus”.

“In Tripura for many days this tradition of India was attempted to be destroyed. They wanted to destroy the relations between Guru, Shishya, Parents etc. But ultimately they were defeated. Indeed across the world they have been destroyed”, said Biplab Deb.

Deb also mentioned about the Communist regime alleging it never had faith on Indian culture.

He also said, in Tripura now things are changing.

He further cited example of Aruni, a figure of Vedic and how he obeyed his Guru’s order.

Aruni referred to as Uddalaka or Uddalaka Aruni, is a revered Vedic sage of Hinduism. He is mentioned in many Vedic era Sanskrit texts, and his philosophical teachings are among the center piece in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad and Chandogya Upanishad, two of the oldest Upanishadic scriptures.

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