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No apology yet by Pratima Bhomwik for giving murder threat to cop
TIWN July 25, 2019
No apology yet by Pratima Bhomwik for giving murder threat to cop
PHOTO : Pratima Bhowmik threatening IPS Officer Kiran Kumar. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, July 25 (TIWN): Lots of attempts are going on to overcross party rules just to promote Tripura BJP’s MP Pratima Bhowmik solely and allegedly pressures are coming on state’s local media to publish her news, who allegedly has no credibility for winning MP election except mass-rigging and booth capturing and politicizing administration amid objections, beating voters regardless men, women and girls.

Alleged for having drug smuggling nexus by BJP MLA and former leaders of the party,  the state BJP didn’t counter the allegation but income tax dept will welcomed by wise section of people if it investigate her family income if not smuggling led by her brother Biswajit Bhowmik.

Pratima Bhowmik came in biggest controversy after she was caught threatening an IPS officer Kiran Kumar on April 12, 2019 in mid night for killing him by her on spot, saying, ‘Tereko hum abhi maar dalega’, but till date she has not made any apology for that.

Being confident about her rigging skill, she entered in Govt quarter long before the Lok Sabha election was conducted.

Now, with high political aims, she is ‘allegedly’ asking local media to publish news in her favour and also appointed personal reporters here in Tripura and a section of BJP people are suspecting her actual aim in this state political chairs!

Multiple allegations are against her for entering schools, talking about politics with students, advertising her via school kids before Lok Sabha Election when she had no constitutional post in her grab. Also she openly held meetings and ordered high officials what to do when she was not MP but just one of the General Secretaries of BJP. 

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