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‘I will not fight any Election, if CPI-M can cite a single example of State Govt led big scheme like BJP’s water-supply scheme’ : Tripura CM
TIWN July 10, 2019
‘I will not fight any Election, if CPI-M can cite a single example of State Govt led big scheme like BJP’s water-supply scheme’ : Tripura CM
PHOTO : CM Biplab Deb addressing at Kharchi fair. TIWN Pic July 10

AGARTALA, July 10 (TIWN): Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb on Wednesday has challenged the previous CPI-M Govt to cite a single example of State led massive scheme under its 25 years regime, like BJP led State Govt’s thousand crore’s Atal Jal Yojna scheme. Addressing at Kharchi fair at Chaturdash Devta temple in Khayerpur (Old Agartala), Biplab Deb said, social pension like schemes are not at all schemes of state govt, where BJP Govt has also increased Rs. 300 but state sponsored big scheme is 'Atal Jal Dhara Mission' which was started in last year to ensure water supplies to each home of Tripura. “This water project worth Rs. 1000 crores. I will not fight election or submit forms for election if they (CPI-M) can show a single scheme which has been launched by them”, added Deb. He further criticized the previous Tripura Govt led by Communists for propagating 25 years infrastructure development, where all infrastructure were done by central Govt’s fund. Deb asked, what State itself could create under Communist regime without help from Central Govt, it’s important to know before crediting them ?

CM also stated that as soon as water supply will reach each house then GDP will grow. Citing example he said, when clean water will be given to people, they will not suffer from malaria like diseases and Govt’s expenditure in medicines will decrease, to add few amounts of GDP surely.

He further talked about importance of rural fair which is still a part of state’s economy.

This time theme of Kharchi was ‘Nesha Mukt Tripura’ and ‘Save Water’.

“We have to build new Tripura. We have to work in this direction but in any cost I will not compromise with biasedness in the administration. If candidates have talents they will crack interviews in TPSC. Govt has brought single window bill to boost industrialism and speed up the process. Today one does not has to waste time in the offices to open industries”, said Deb.

“Today Tripura is lagging behind even after potentiality, because the previous Govt could not utilize the potentialities. Any Govt in long run develops the state and example is Gujarat but when Communist party rules at a stress development stops. Example is West Bengal”, he added.

Kharchi puja has started amid rainy temperament today, however, almost every year rain welcomes Kharchi puja for long 7 days. CM Biplab Deb has inaugurated the fair in the presence of Minister NC Debbarma, two more BJP MLAs Sushanta Chowdhury and Ratan Chakraborty.

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