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Stating ‘Violence can never be supported’, CPI-M top leader explains Dharmanagar Violence’s root cause
TIWN July 8, 2019
Stating ‘Violence can never be supported’, CPI-M top leader explains Dharmanagar Violence’s root cause
PHOTO : Left : Dharmanagar violence, Right : Former MP Jitendra Chaudhury addressing in party programme.

AGARTALA, July 8 (TIWN): Slamming Dharmanagar BJP MLA cum Deputy Speaker of Tripura Assembly Biswabandhu Sen, CPI-M top leader, former MP Jitendra Chaudhury on Monday while addressing in a party programme at Agartala explained the whole situation of Dharmanagar Chandrapur village where massive violence took place on yesterday led public property burning. Accepting a section of mob participated in the violence with BJP belong to CPI-M because the area is CPI-M supporting but according to Chaudhury political issue was not the route cause of the incident. Jitendra Chaudhury said, BJP’s violence started since the election was announced just like previous local body and Lok Sabha elections. “On yesterday centering nomination submission, outsider BJP hooligans joined in rally and intentionally created turmoil and triggered an unwanted situation by carrying sticks in hands. In minority populated area intentionally BJP supporters raised slogans of ‘Jai Sree Ram’ along with muscular gestures to temper the situation and local people regardless political identity have attacked them, resulted in clash with BJP”, Chaudhury said.

Jitendra Chaudhury further said, there was no need of such slogans which erupted clash, damaged public properties, expressed resentments on BJP’s local leadership.

Chaudhury condemned BJP’s immediate attack in CPI-M party office unnecessarily which created more turmoils. The former MP later clearly mentioned, in any excuse violence can not allowed to happened, urged common men to hold the peace.

Slamming media, Jitendra Chaudhury said that newspapers in Tripura are in competition who can make more colourful headlines in support of the ruling Govt which is very “weird”.

He further mentioned, even though bureaucrats are under pressure from ruling Govt, but not accomplishing duties in fear is cowardness.

The violence took place in Dharmanagar West Chandrapur area. Various types of allegations came as no party gave any statement properly in this incident. However, the senior CPI-M leader Jitendra Chaudhury has made the issue clear on behalf of his party.

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