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Ratha Yatra 2019 : Rare slate-stone made, oldest Jagannath Temple of Tripura yet to get historical significance
TIWN July 5, 2019
Ratha Yatra 2019 : Rare slate-stone made, oldest Jagannath Temple of Tripura yet to get historical significance
PHOTO : Udaipur Jagannath temple. TIWN Pic July 5, 2019

UDAIPUR, July 5 (TIWN): Tripura CM Biplab Deb during his Ratha Yatra festival at ISKCON mentioned that Tripura Kings built various temples of Jagannath across the state. In this regard it’s important to put some light on “City of Temples” that is Udaipur.

The Jagannath idols of Agartala Jagannath Bari was first worshipped in this black stone / slate stone made temple in Udaipur (former capital of Tripura known as Rangamati) but was shifted in Agartala in the year 1760.

Jagannath Chowmuhani in Udaipur was actually a temple area just like Matabari and that’s why lake and old Hari Madir (Now Durga Mandir) is situated. It was as big as Matabari but now it has turned a residential area with markets and super markets.

Nobody is able to enter the temple out of fear.

In 1532 the temple was built during King Bijay Manikya’s era. Bijay Manika’s commandant Daitya Narayan had established the temple at there with rare slate-stones, but unfortunately the temple has become abandoned and place of bats.

The idols of Jagannath, Subhadra and Balaram were shifted at Agartala in 1760. 

But since then the temple was left in negligence, now have turned a place for bats and snakes.

When state govt is trying to upgrade tourism industry, the rarely made temple’s future is yet dark followed by the previous Govts negligence. The whole Jagannath Chowmuhani area was a temple premise earlier which has now converted into a bazaar unfortunately. There is famous Hari Mandir (Durga Bari), was also a part of this temple. 

It is the only temple in Tripura built entirely with stone. It is heard that there were numerous rock-cut images engraved on the walls of the Jagannath Dev Temple. They don't exist now and nobody entered the temple since decades in fear of snakes and other harmful insects.

This temple is undoubtedly a peerless example of typical architecture of temples in Tripura.

In 2016 earthquake took place in India-Mayanmar border region has affected many buildings in Tripura.

Not only this, like Jagannath temple many temples have been destroyed in Tripura and one temple has been destroyed in the Chalk Bazar under dry-fish market shed.

Recently a Shitla Goddess was found near the Jagannath temple.  

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