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Massive water crisis in Rural Tripura, Locals blocked Ambassa-Gandacharra road
TIWN May 30, 2019
Massive water crisis in Rural Tripura, Locals blocked Ambassa-Gandacharra road
PHOTO : Villagers sat in protest voicing against water crisis problem. TIWN Pic May 30

AGARTALA, May 30 (TIWN): BJP-IPFT led 14 month’s old government in Tripura could not solve the water-crisis problem across rural areas. Along with unemployment problems, poverty and water-crisis have been major agony of the common men, whereas when 'Netas' / 'Netris' are on stage they claim under Modi ji they have solved all problems of Northeast including the water crisis problems across Tripura. The reality is just opposite and across Tripura water crisis problem reports are coming, but there is no reaction by the Government. A road blockade was staged in Ambassa today by villagers as a part of agitation against massive water crisis ongoing in that locality.For hours the main road at Ambassa to Gandacharra was blocked on Thursday led massive traffic jam on the route.In various parts in Tripura water crisis and loadshedding problems are going on. Over 70 years of independence, in Northeast states there is no end of day to day problems where people are deprive of basic facilities, but while propagating the parties with phrases like "Act East", "Asta Laxmi" terms were used for Northeast states but so far lives remained unchanged in those areas.

The BJP increased its tally of Lok Sabha seats in Assam to nine from seven in 2014. Across Northeast India, it increased the count to 14 from eight. The BJP-led NDA won 18 of the 25 seats in the northeast region. 

But what development the Government brought in last 5 years it's under cloud !

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