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Major areas of Agartala undergoing powercut for 20 hours
TIWN May 16, 2019
Major areas of Agartala undergoing powercut for 20 hours

AGARTALA / NEW DELHI, May 16 (TIWN): Lack of maintenance has hit the power connectivity in the state. After yesterday’s rain, major areas of Agartala undergoing powercut since 20 hours.

Also waterlogging problems have increased a lot in compare to the last year.

With light wave of win, people in Tripura area suffering due to massive power cut problems.

It’s happening due to almost no maintenance work since last one year. 

Earlier only in village areas such problems had occurred but now allover the state including tow areas same problems are erupting. 

Whereas Chief Minister Biplab Deb is claiming day night that free power connectivity has facilitated Tripura, the reality is far from the claim.

Due to lack of maintenance recently one death has caused in the South Tripura District.

Public have demanded Power Dept’s attention to restore the power lines in the state.

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