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‘Saddam’ Biplab's attack on innocent FB users for sharing Divorce News but acts coward against National Media, CNBC, News 18, Times Now : Police turned as BJP’s pet slaves, filed FAKE cases
TIWN May 1, 2019
‘Saddam’ Biplab's attack on innocent FB users for sharing Divorce News but acts coward against National Media, CNBC, News 18, Times Now : Police turned as BJP’s pet slaves, filed FAKE cases
PHOTO : TIWN File Photo : Biplab's divorce controversy. Journalist Aneesha Mathur's question but no answer

AGARTALA, May 1 (TIWN): Tripura’s failed Chief Minister Biplab Deb’s domestic issues now hitting lives of common public as Biplab-Pratima Criminal coterie started Saddam Hussein style of brutal dictatorship to silence voice of Democracy. Due to solid truth behind multiple national media’s publication based on Court Documents, coward Biplab is behaving like a self-styled dictator and imprisoning common public like Saikat Talapatra, Jamal Hussein behind bars. Most surprising part is, first pet Police Officials calling facebook users for interrogation and then slapping many fabricated charges like extortion to various imaginary cases with the sole intention to arrest the individual but no mention of Facebook news sharing charges in any FIR. Biplab Deb’s this shameful act of curbing public freedom, democratic right, attacking innocent citizens is rare in India’s history. Surprising fact is Biplab’s wife NIti still failed to answer the simple question from a Delhi Journalist Aneesha Mathur in Twitter “ Maam, are you denying that there is any case filed by you ? Could we please get a confirmation ?”

Biplab Deb’s multiple domestic issues, loose character already reported by various leaders and common public even before he became Chief Minister.

Niti Deb wrote big tweets to media houses but even after 5 days failed to answer a simple question from CNBC/India Today Journalist Aneesha Mathur that whether she filed any divorce cases or not. Multiple Journalists reached out to her in Twitter and over Phone but she avoided Journalists questions whether she filed a Divorce Case or not ?

Niti Deb’s filthy attack in past on former UP Chief Minister Mayawati, then using filthy classless language against Cricketer Navjyot Sidhu raised questions on her moral ethics. TIWN gathered all evidences of her filthy attacks against well known personalities and will be furnished in Court in due time.

Biplab Deb is hitting national media since he became the Chief Minister starting from ‘Internet was existing in Mahabharata’s era’ to ‘Diana Hayden was unworthy to be Miss World’. Chief Minister came in national media started from News 18 first which claimed there are domestic violence allegation against the CM on his own wife and soon from TIWN to other national media had published the same.  Later, when Biplab Deb’s wife denied the issue calling it a rumour responsible media houses verified the paper and then rectified that it was not a domestic violence case against Biplab Deb rather it was just a mutual divorce case followed by an issue. CM’s wife was giving telephonic interviews to various channel including a chit fund scam accused broker media ‘Headlines Tripura’ but for a single time the wife of Biplab Deb did not clarify by saying, “I never filed divorce case against my husband”. In her tweet journalists also questioned whether she filed any divorce case against Biplab Deb or not, but she did not reply.

On the other side, Tripura Police filed a case against BJP’s Cholo Paltai founder Anupam Paul just because he shared few news items about the ongoing mutual divorce case between Tripura CM Biplab Deb with his wife, whereas the couple denied the claim of media.

Tripura Police arrested and treated like criminal another Journalist Saikat Talapatra on FAKE charges, not only that organized attacks on him by eggs & hot waters.

But these cases are illegal under law because Anupam Pal, Saikat Talapatra just shared other National medias post or news, which were not their creation. The same news was published in national media which are being shared by lakhs of people, but sharing news is not a crime.

Public asking questions why Biplab Deb is behaving like a coward and fearing to file any cases against National Media house ?

Why ??? Just because CNBC, News 18, Times Now got actual proofs from Court ???

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