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Pranab Sarkar’s conspiracy against Biplab ? Valid documents prove Pranab's claims FAKE, Pranab filed False FIR against Anupam to save own face?
TIWN April 30, 2019
Pranab Sarkar’s conspiracy against Biplab ? Valid documents prove Pranab's claims FAKE, Pranab filed False FIR against Anupam to save own face?
PHOTO : Headlines Tripura Editor Pranab Sarkar with employee Anupam Paul.

AGARTALA, April 30 (TIWN): Media Mafia cum fraudster Pranab Sarkar of Agartala alleged to be the mastermind behind CM Biplab's defamation in national media. In less than 24 hours after Pranab Sarkar's eyewash FIR against so called Anupam Paul, sufficient evidences surfaced to show that Anupam Paul is none other than the brainchild of Pranab Sarkar. Though FIR was made by Pranab in the West Police Station ,Agartala stating Anupam as cheater and fraud , it is now clear like day light that Anupam Paul has his long term relation with Pranab Sarkar and his Headlines Tripura .

Now through evidence TIWN is exposing that Pranab himself is a blackmailer and we have many of the valid proofs to prove that he is telling lies about Anupam :-

1)Anupam possessed valid ID card of Headlines Tripura 04/15

2)Pranab had even taken a joint photo with Anupam inside Headlines Tripura's news room

3)In a video clipping of Headlines Tripura the news reader categorically expressed that Anupam was the HT's reporter of Nutan Bazar. 

4)Even in the latest picture posted in Facebook Headlines Tripura's boom is clearly seen in the comuter table of Anupam Paul. 

Not only these. Last year Pranab Sarkar himself wrote a news in a popular Bengali daily Sambad Pratidin published from Kolkata. In that news Pranab also used his name and syrongly criticised Biplab Deb's statement, in which he advised unemployed youths of Tripura to sell betel(Pan) and milk. In that very news Pranab even stated day by day foolish comments of CM Biplab. For our readers we have attached the copy of that news paubliahed in the said paper.And even in the recent cntroversy arosed out of a news published relating to family affairs of Biplab and his wife , many people see that black hands of Pranab to defame Biplab purely with a purpose of blackmailing. 

Many senior journalists of Agartala told this correspndent over phone that Pranab was expecting to get nomination from the West Tripura PC as BJP candidate. But Pranab's name was not even discussed as a probable candidate. That's why he decided to defame Biplab in public so that he can be blackmailed, said the journalists. It is to be mentioned here that since the formation of BJP govt in Tripura media don Pranab has been involved in the distribution of adds to be published/telecast in local news papers or in TVs . Whenever a conflict arises , both of them get busy in their old game of publishing news in national media through their puppet team living at Agartala. Infact, the ill-educated CM Biplab is now totally gripped by these corrupt journalists. And the recent controversary of CM's family affairs was nothing but the outcome of that evil design, political exerts say. Moreover, to put pressure upon Biplab, Subal Dey too termed Sunil Deodhar as a plotter(চক্রান্তকারী) in a talk show broadcast in a local TV news channel . Surprisingly none of the BJP leaders in Tripura has yet to make any statement denying Subal's comment. As a result of it many of the state BJP leaders and their Karyakartas are angry with party's top brass including Biplab Deb.



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