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‘Pohela Boshakh’, a day for Bengali Foodies : Heavy sales in Agartala markets amid skyrocketing prices
TIWN April 15, 2019
‘Pohela Boshakh’, a day for Bengali Foodies : Heavy sales in Agartala markets amid skyrocketing prices
PHOTO : Poeple thronged to shop to buy food items. TIWN Pics April 15

AGARTALA, April 15 (TIWN): Skyrocketing prices of food items were observed since the morning in Agartala non-veg markets. Amid high rates of each item, there was no pause in the selling and business as after all it's Pohela Baishakh, a day dedicated for Bengali foodies. Chicken is sold at Rs. 250, whereas mutton is Rs. 800. The Hilsa Fish rate begins from Rs. 1200/-. This is the day when 99 % Bengalis aimed to satisfy their gluttony with delicious food items and taking the opportunity, the sellers also fix a heavy rate as per their wishes. From Gol Bazar to Math Chowmuhani, Battala, the prices are more or less same. TIWN earlier reported that how since April 11 the market of Hilsa Fish was gripped by heavy prices. Battala market the prices of Hilsa recorded with Rs. 1000/- per kilo on April 11, whereas today is Rs. 12000 to Rs. 2000 as without Hilsa fish Bengalis' New Year celebrations are never satisfied. Rows were seen before the sweet shops across the city as Bengali New Year doesn't start without sweets.

The delicious Hilsa fish is a traditional item on the menu of celebration. But due to the soaring price of Hilsa, it is gradually vanishing from the menu of the fixed income people. On the day of Pohela Baishakh (April 15) the Hilsa has been sold at a rate of Rs. 2, 500 per Kilogram earlier in Tripura and the skyrocketing price has become headache for the middle class and poor families.

Now, Hilsa fishes are based on illegal imports or coming via other states leading heavy costs of the Hilsas across markets. But apart from Hilsa Fishes now, all items including chicken, mutton the prices are too high. 


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