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Oppositions ask EC to secure Voters’ rights on 18th April
TIWN April 15, 2019
Oppositions ask EC to secure Voters’ rights on 18th April
PHOTO : April 11 election for Tripura West Tripura constituency.

AGARTALA, April 15 (TIWN): After massive rigging, booth capturing during West Tripura Lok Sabha Election, Left party leaders have met CEO Sriram Tarnikanti on Sunday demanding a peaceful voting on upcoming 18th April’s East Tripura constituency’s election. Congress also have demanded the same.

 At the same time, both opposition parties in Tripura demands re-poll for the West Tripura constituency.

Addressing media, CPI-M spokesperson Bijan Dhar said, “East Tripura voters are different. We would request voters to go in group while casting votes and all types of rigging should be immediately stopped by complaining in proper places and if then also no action is taken, then reaction of the voters will be equal against the hooligan. Cannon against can, gun against gun because democracy has to be saved”.

Bijan Dhar said, CEO Sriram Taranikanti has accepted that the poll environment was violated, people’s democratic rights were snatched and thus there is huge re-poll chances in the West Tripura.

Bijan Dhar said, “Our target was not to discuss about the poll rigging of West Tripura, but our aim was to ensure people’s right for East Tripura constituency”. 

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