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BJP MLA Ram Prasad Pal led Poll rigging assaults Woman Polling agent in Tripura
TIWN April 14, 2019
BJP MLA Ram Prasad Pal led Poll rigging assaults Woman Polling agent in Tripura
PHOTO : Maya Roy addressing media. TIWN Pic April 13

AGARTALA, April 14 (TIWN): Women of Tripura are totally unsafe under Crime Queen, BJP West Tripura MP candidate Pratima Bhowmik and her followers like MLA Krishnadhan Das and Ram Prasad Pal. BJP MLA Ram Prasad Pal’s hooligans led massive attacks on voters, polling agents didn’t spare woman. One assaulted woman, who was stretched by her hair named Maya Roy said, “If I take second life also, can’t utter those words which the BJP miscreants used for me”.

Addressing media, MP Shankar Prasad said, “In Suryamaninagar 3 booths were there and two booths were cleaned for all oppositions. Only in 49 no booth of Suryamaninagar one woman Maya Roy was present. She was alone in the room from opposition, but still she struggled and kept on witnessing all the poll riggings and fake voting. Then around 5 pm seeing the situation worsening she attempted to come out of the booth but she was beaten, assaulted, slammed with bad language, slapped, stretched by hair. Is this BJP’s Nari-Shakti and Democracy ?”

BJP MLA Ram Prasad Pal, against whom already there are complaints in the Election Commission, was caught pressuring police officers to remove central forces to give a pass to the BJP hooligans to capture the booths. He was openly threatening police officers allegation out of police security, people are afraid to come to the booths to cast their votes. SDPO Ajay Das told the MLA that once the illegal gathering will be stopped, then he will remove police and central forces. But out of continuous threat to the police officers, police were bound to go away by removing the forces led the booth capturing of Suryamaninagar area totally. There were complaints filed against BJP MLA Ram Prasad Pal and MLA Krishnadhan Das already, but without any pause both of them have openly rigged the booths. This Ram Prasad Pal also openly rigged the previous Panchayat elections and successfully rigged this General Election too.

This same MLA recently came in media after he occupied public land and property while setting a lift system in his house. 

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