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Biplab-Pratima Crime Empire : CPI-M released horrifying post-poll violence episodes in West Tripura : Tension prevails across state under BJP's mafia-regime
TIWN April 14, 2019
Biplab-Pratima Crime Empire : CPI-M released horrifying post-poll violence episodes in West Tripura : Tension prevails across state under BJP's mafia-regime
PHOTO : Pic Top (Left): MP Sankar Dutta, Pabitra Kar visited victim families. Pic (Right, top): Pratima Bhowmik. Other Pics : BJP's violence.

AGARTALA, April 14 (TIWN): MP Shankar Prasad Dutta on Saturday has added the post violence led by BJP under MP candidate Pratima Bhowmik. Addressing media, Sankar Prasad Dutta has said, “Everyone knows what happened during poll hours and pre-poll hours of the Election in Tripura. Since 10th April the poll-rigging and terror environment was created across West Tripura, except few areas of the town. Polling agents were said not to go to the booths and voters were asked to cast votes and if they cast votes, they will not take any responsibility of vote casting. At last night, the terror increased more and house to house attacks started”.“On the voting day, on 11th April all our polling agents were attacked. Inside the booths, the hooligans entered and within few hours the polling agents were bound to leave the booth”, said MP Sankar Dutta. “They attacked on women across Badharghat, Ramanagar, Sadar areas. Rampur, Joypur, Kalikapur, Gangail all such areas were 100% captured and no voter was allowed to cast votes from opposition. From the rows the voters were removed under a nexus of Election Commission, Police”, said Dutta.

“After the election ended, when almost all voters of CPI-M could not cast their votes, since the evening they started their violence again. In Sadar at night, near  Gol Chakkar houses of Suman Khal and Saiful Mia were attacked, looted and vandalized. Then in Meena-Bari area also same attack was done. On yesterday, in Chadmari area, polling agents were whole day inside the polling station. Chanmai area’s voters overcoming all fears had casted their votes and this was their fault to BJP. The BJP activists around 60 in numbers started house to house attacks with weapons. In that attack, Diplai Lodh was injured severely and social media has published all footage. Mintu Lala Saha, Sanjay Deb, Kamala Malloik, Jiban Debnath were also attacked. Their houses were attacked. Out of those families, one family voted for BJP, they were also attacked after causing load-shedding at there”, he said.

“Debasihs Harijan, Himandri Debnath, Kamal Das’s houses were destroyed. Police came later but as they came the situation came under little bit control. Or many people could have been died at Chamari area. We did not visit in that houses as if we visit the attacks may increase more”, the MP said.

“In afternoon we visited Radhamohonpur area, where our party office was burnt, vandalized. In Mekhlipara area, in a house where the family head person is already not residing in the house due to post Assembly-Election violence, in that house woman and children were attacked. They attempted to kill them and roof was damaged by sword. Immediately police rushed and then saved them. We congratulate the woman who faced whole night attack, still voted for CPI-M”, said MP Sankar Prasad Dutta.

“In Dukli, Pujashree Debnath who went to cast vote at 42 no booth of Suryamaninagar at around 9.30 pm she was asked to go back, but she fought back the hooligans. Pujashree Debnath’s grandfather Sadhan Debnath who was also a freedom fighter he was also stopped by them. But as all have casted their votes, at latenight their house was attacked and the miscreants broke their door of the house and then beaten them. Later locals and police controlled the situation but police came after 1.15 hours. We congratulate that family also and the girl also”, said MP.

“In Suryamaninagar 3 booths were there and two booths were cleaned for all oppositions. Only in 49 no booth of Suryamaninagar one woman Maya Roy was present. She was alone in the room from opposition, but still she struggled and kept on witnessing all the poll riggings and fake voting. Then around 5 pm seeing the situation worsening she attempted to come out of the booth but she was beaten, assaulted, slammed with bad language, slapped, stretched by hair. Is this BJP’s Nari-Shakti and Democracy ?”, asked the MP.

“Why does BJP do that ? If BJP wins in fair means, then we will not have any problem with that but we can see now, they lost that much of popularity that they are no more able to keep trust on people”, said Sankar Prasad Dutta.

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