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New York NRIs protest a big success for Indian media : Manipur Journalist released
TIWN April 8, 2019
New York NRIs protest a big success for Indian media : Manipur Journalist released
PHOTO : NRIs' protest rally in New York against participated by TIWN Editor. TIWN Photos April 6 (USA time)

AGARTALA, April 8 (TIWN): In a landmark, after protests across world, NRIs protest rally in New York against Modi’s JUMLA, Manipur Journalist was released by BJP Govt today. Democracy’s Destruction by BJP from 2014-19 has shown the colour of Modi’s fascist democracy as Manipur journalist Kishorechandra Wangkhem was imprisoned by dreaded NSA Act.

Manipur’s BJP Govt arrested Kishore Chandra Wangkhem under the National Security Act, for social media posts criticizing the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. TIWN Editor Saumen Sarkar who was among April 6 rally in New York, Organizers participated in the protest organized in front of Indian Consulate, has said, “Proud to be a part of the protest to release Manipur Journalist”. Kishorechandra Wangkhem, who is a former staffer of the ISTV Network, was arrested, jailed after uploading a video in which he strongly criticized BJP and RSS and Manipur CM Biren Singh over a function organised on the birth anniversary of Rani of Jhansi on November 19. Not even less than 24 hours after he was granted bail by a CJM court in West Imphal on November 26, 2018, following his arrest on November 20, Wangkhem was arrested again on November 27 under the NSA. However, the Manipur High Court on Monday revoked the detention order under the National Security Act (NSA). On yesterday in an unusual move from USA journalists, editors have staged a joint protest at New York against attack upon journalists in countries like India. The agitation under the banner of “Protest to save Indian Democracy” was displayed through a rally front of Indian Consulate New York. Briefing attacks on media in India, (TIWN) Editor Saumen Sarkar while addressing the media persons had blasted the present govt of India for its undemocratic move and continuous attacks on media. “It is all of our duty to give support those voices which are suppressed. I would say in last 5 years Indian democracy was under severe attacks and every institution were polluted. In India’s many states today you can not speak out, you can not say anything, can not exercise your democratic right”, Sarkar said. “The main reason behind such attacks is they (BJP) doesn’t have any popularity amid their dream for rule for long by various JUMLA and by running the administration by various JUMLAs”, the Editor added. Saumen Sarkar further mentioned about imprisonment of various journalists, editors under various dreaded acts as NSA. After such a huge protest, the Manipur journalist’s release order has been marked as a “Victory of Democracy” and also a “Proud moment” for protesters at New York on Sunday.
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