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Biplab Deb is the main Culprit for Tripura law and order situation, BJP will see end in ballot-war of 18th April : MP Jiten
TIWN April 8, 2019
Biplab Deb is the main Culprit for Tripura law and order situation, BJP will see end in ballot-war of 18th April : MP Jiten
PHOTO : Left : MP Jitendra Chaudhury, Right : CM Biplab Deb. TIWN Photos.

AGARTALA, April 8 (TIWN): Reacting over BJP’s violent attack on CPI-M rallies in organized way across South Tripura on Sunday during Prime Minister Narendra Modi CPI-M’s sitting MP, East Tripura’s renominated MP candidate for 2019 LS Poll Jitendra Chaudhury has slammed Tripura Chief Minister as the main culprit behind the violence. The MP also said that Narendra Modi is the ‘Nater Guru’ for the hooliganism and via Biplab Deb both Amit Shah and Narendra Modi are experimenting the upcoming days across nation in Tripura. As the Home Minister and also BJP President in the mode-code-of-conduct, BJP’s violence has crossed all limits, said Jitendra Chaudhury. Three times, CPI-M supporters, leaders faced attacks and BJP by its women activists had blocked CPI-M leaders’ roads which in few places with interference of police could be controlled and from few places, the MP and CPI-M leaders had to return. At last in Nolua, security personnel, police were bound to impose lathi charge on BJP goons to control them.

MP Jitendra Chaudhury said, “Everyday here and there attacks on CPI-M shows BJP has lost its ground and thus by force trying to win the election, but people will cast vote at any cost in the upcoming election.

“On 18th April (East Tripura Election) BJP will see its fall by ballot-war. Nobody can suppress the public resentments”, added MP Jitendra Chaudhury.

CPI-M’s two top leaders were beaten severely during a public rally in Tripura by BJP miscreants.Briefing the deadly attack on CPI-M leaders.

A rally under pre-schedule attended by CPI-M top leaders Parikshit Murasing and Santosh Chakma, who have been attacked by BJP hooligans and hospitalized.

Apart from that BJP hooligans were set across South Tripura to prevent the CPI-M and opposition from holding any programme.

“BJP has gone in its worst stage. Away from only few kilometers Modi was delivering his JUMLA-speech and his goons launched attack on opposition”, Jitendra Chaudhury told media.

On Sunday across South Tripura BJP hooligans attempted to disrupt CPI-M’s rallies and programmes across South Tripura, but this police and security force took strict action.

At first they attacked on opposition leader MLA, former minister Badal Choudhury, MP Jitendra Chaudhury at Matai and police imposed lathi-charge but then when the CPI-M leaders reached Nolua, in huge numbers BJP goons rushed to the spot to attack on CPI-M led police again to impose lathi-charge which left around 70 BJP hooligans injured.

MP Jitendra Chaudhury said that he had been launching programmes across South Tripura today and till middle of the day there was no disturbance in the election campaigning.Across Sonaichari, Ratanpur programmes were peaceful and people gathered at huge numbers.

“When CPI-M leaders reached at Matai, then BJP goons started attacking with flags in hands. Police and public together have tackled the situation and during the meeting police had to lathi charge on the culprits”, MP Jitendra Chaudhury told media.

“At Nalua the situation was worse. Police attempted to control the situation but seeing the situation going out of control, police led the subdivisional administration imposed heavy lathi charge on the hooligans”, said the MP.

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