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Modi’s Flop show signals BJP’s imminent defeat, BJP candidate a hardcore Criminal, Narcotics Smuggler: Pratima Bhowmik brutally murdered sister-in-law Chabi Debnath on 17th April, 2014, hanged deadbody in ceiling, FIR 19/14 U/3 498(A)/302/34 IPC
TIWN April 7,2019
Modi’s Flop show signals BJP’s imminent defeat, BJP candidate a hardcore Criminal, Narcotics Smuggler: Pratima Bhowmik brutally murdered sister-in-law Chabi Debnath on 17th April, 2014, hanged deadbody in ceiling, FIR 19/14 U/3 498(A)/302/34 IPC
PHOTO : Modi's Udaipur rally, Pratima's crime history, FIR by murdered Chabi Debnath's father on 17th April,2014. TIWN

UDAIPUR, April 7 (TIWN ): Modi’s 2nd flop rally in Tripura signaled BJP’s imminent defeat in Lok Sabha Election in Tripura. BJP already lost majority of its voters base to Congress and CPI-M as criminals like Pratima Bhowmik, Krishnadhan Das, Ram Prasad Pal hijacked Party. Narendra Modi’s face lacked any smiles today as he posed next to Crime Queen Pratima Bhowmik. BJP General Secretary cum West Tripura Lok Sabha candidate Pratima Bhowmik is not only a hardened criminal but alongwith brother Biswajit, she killed Biswajit’s wife Chabi Debnath at their Dhanpur Home on 17th April,2014. Father Sunil Debnath filed FIR stating that his daughter Chabi Debnath (Bishwajit Bhowmik’s wife), Age 24 yrs was murdered by Pratima Bhowmik, Biswajit Bhowmik (Husband), Subhra Debnath(Bhowmik) on 17th April,2014 at their Dhanpur Home. After murder, Pratima and her brother Bishwajit hanged Chabi Debnath from ceiling. Pratima's selection as BJP's Lok Sabha candidate implied that Party is now run by Criminals, as BJP lost its voters base in Tripura.

Chabi Debnath (nickname Jhinuk) was murdered in cold blood and her father rushed to Hospital at 4pm after hearing this news and saw daughter’s deadbody. On 17th April,2014 night 11.30pm, late Chabi Debnath’s father filed FIR and Police arrested Pratima Bhowmik, Biswajit Bhowmik, Subhra Debnath(Bhowmik). Pratima Bhowmik & her brother Biswajit Bhowmik committed multiple murders in Dhanpur area killing rival smugglers to relatives only to silence anyone voicing against her Criminal empire.

Pratima Bhowmik, her smuggler brother Bishwajit, Subhra Debnath(Bhowmik)were in jail over 3 months but late Chabi Debnath’s poor father Sunil Debnath couldn’t arrange money for Lawyer, so Pratima with her Drug money manipulated case and got bail.

TIWN is now providing legal support to late Chabi Debnath’s father Sunil Debnath to reopen the murder case trial so that criminal Pratima Bhowmik, her brother Biswajit can be prosecuted for murder under section IPC 302.

Father Sunil Debnath's FIR  against Biswajit Bhowmik, Pratima Bhowmik, Subhra Debnath(Bhowmik) 

Pratima Bhowmik and her brother Biswajit killed Biswajit's wife for dowry in cold blood by tying her neck with ropes, Pratima, Biswajit was in jail but Pratima paid huge money to Lawyers, Judges, Police Officials.

‘Saree wearing, Rural looking’ BJP General Secretary Pratima Bhowmik’s criminality remained hidden under disguise as this Tripura’s crime queen and her brother cum hardened criminal Biswajit Bhowmik turned epitome of organized crime, drug smuggling in Tripura after BJP’s election win in March’2018.

Father Sunil Debnath's FIR 1st page

Before Assembly Election, Sonamura, Dhanpur, Bisalgarh regions massive ganja business, Phensedyl smuggling to Bangladesh, massive Arms & Drugs like Heroin smuggling worth hundreds of crores lucrative trade kingpin was Billal Mia, whereas Pratima Bhowmik, her brother Biswajit were ordinary criminals involved in Ganja cultivation, smuggling and 4 murders including killing Biswajit’s wife for dowry.

Before Election, Pratima Bhowmik begged Drug kingpin Billal Mia for Election Fund money so Billal gave Rs 42 Lakhs to Pratima on the condition that new BJP Govt should allow him to run his Narcotics smuggling empire which Pratima guaranteed after Biplab Deb’s approval, also Pratima promised to return Rs 42 Lakhs money after Election win. Pratima also requested Billal Mia to train her brother Biswajit in narcotics smuggling. After Election win when Bilal Mia demanded Rs 42 Lakhs money back, Pratima misused dreaded NDPS Act with the help of DIG Arimdam Nath and jailed Bilal Mia, took control of Bilal Mia’s narcotics smuggling territory and Fensedyl to Drug smuggling jumped ten fold under Biplab Deb’s corrupt regime.

Pratima Bhowmik using bootlicker Police officials like DIG Arindam Nath, SP West Ajit Pratap Singh to apply dreaded NDPS Act against rival gang of smugglers like Billal Mia and arresting them, finally Pratima Bhowmik, Biplab Deb combine taking control of crime empires, sharing crores of Drug smuggling profits.

Just few days back in Dhanpur’s Kalapania area, a vehicle loaded with Phensedyl was captured by Police, but immediately Pratima’s brother Biswajit called Police, then Pratima threatened Police officials and Vehicle was finally released.

All Sonamura to Akhaura based Smuggling gangs, Mafia gangs need to pay hefty commission for daily smuggling across border to Bangladesh.

A senior Police officer informed TIWN that, even Bangladeshi smugglers in Akhaura and Comilla are in touch with their ‘Didi’ for smooth delivery of Phensedyl shipments from Tripura.

Same smugglers also sending various type of narcotics like Heroin, Brown Sugar, Jaba tablets, Chinese made Pistols, Guns to Tripura.

On October 14,2018 under Pratima Bhowmik’s instruction and Biplab’s bootlicker DIG Police Arindam Nath’s signal, Police arrested Phensedyl Smuggler Shyam Manik Das under dreaded NDPS Act, Shyam Manik a BJP activist cum close associate of Tripura BJP’s namesake ‘Prabhari’ Sunil Deodhar, who is a bete-noire of Biplab inside Tripura BJP.

After arresting Shyam Manik, Pratima Bhowmik sent two close associates to Shyam Manik’s Bisramganj hub and asked for Rs 3 crores money immediately or Shyam Manik to rot in Jail under NDPS Act.

Shyam Manik’s wife is also a local BJP Mahila Morcha activist aligned to Sunil Deodhar group, so finally Shyam Manik's family reached out to TIWN to expose Pratima Bhowmik, Biplab Deb coterie for  organized extortion racket with the help of bootlicker Police officials like DIG Arindam Nath. 

Even recent attack on CPI-M MP Jiten Chaudhury at Taidu was a master plan of Pratima Bhowmik as crime-queen wanted to stage a mob-lynching to murder CPI-M’s top leader.

Pratima Bhowmik’s expertise in organizing attacks, crimes, murders are unparallel in Tripura’s Political History as via organized crime, the crime queen wanted to suppress all opposition voices.

According to TIWN sources in Intelligence agencies, Pratima Bhowmik gang also involved in various large scale deals with Bangladesh based smugglers for arms, drug smugglings where Pakistan’s ISI, Bangladesh’s HUJI are also involved.

Pratima Bhowmik not only misusing State Police to file NDPS cases to arrest all rival group smugglers but also rapidly spreading narcotics smuggling empire.

Intelligence officials, Police officials are well aware of Pratima Bhowmik, her brother Biswajit Bhowmik's crime empire and their everyday Fensedyl smuggling, Drug Smuggling from Sonamura to Akhura borders but all watching helplessly as Chief Minister Biplab Deb protecting Pratima Bhowmik's crime empire in exchange of hefty share weekly.

TIWN Editor reached out to Legal Team to help Sunil Debnath (Chabi's father) to file an appeal in High Court to reopen murder trial of late Chabi Debnath.

Modi today has faced the second flop rally after Tripura Assembly Election (February 9,2019 was his first visit). Modi however asked the voters to vote for 'Kamal-Chaap' and to strengthen the Chowkidar.

Modi's JUMLA speech continued, “Kamal Chaap double engine only can cause development in Tripura. I appeal to all voters to press on Kamal Chaap and start the double engine which can develop, strengthen Chowkidar. Remember, when you will vote for Kamal (Lotus) it will directly go to me. I still remember before the Election, I promised that I will gift Hira to Tripura and state govt has started working on that already”. “From free gas connectivity to Ayushman Bharat, Kishan Yojna Tripura Govt has worked in the correct direction. Soon, 3500 crores of moneys will be spent for Tripura farmers. Earlier many promises were made for the farmers but only Chowkidar could allocate the money”, said Narendra Modi. Modi further said that BJP govt at centre has fulfilled long pending demands of ADC and 30% funds have been increased under Tribal Welfare Dept in budget.

However Tripura Public know truth better than Modi that how horrible is State's situation from all sides and Pratima Bhowmik led Crininals looting Tripura, massive narcotics smuggling destroying Tripura.

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