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Modi’s second flop rally in Tripura after February 9, Public reject JUMLA-Party : BJP lost popularity in 1 year under Biplab Deb
TIWN April 7, 2019
Modi’s second flop rally in Tripura after February 9, Public reject JUMLA-Party : BJP lost popularity in 1 year under Biplab Deb
PHOTO : Modi's rally at Udaipur. PC: BJP Tripura.

Udaipur / Agartala, April 7 (TIWN): In another jolt for Prime Minister Modi who promised a ‘Hira’ for Tripura in exchange of various fake promises, public today have answered Modi by gifting a big-flop rally in Udaipur. Not even few thousand people could be gathered by BJP even though the rally was called on Sunday. After one year of motormouth Chief Minister Biplab Deb Govt, JUMLAs of BJP is not at all working is visible from Modi’s flop rally ahead of Lok Sabha Election. Tripura people seems have calculated the new Govt as the worst ever Govt which sponsored day-night violence in last one year and corruption, taxation spiked up. MGNREGA mandays fell from 90% to 33% whereas unemployment problem has become triple. In last one year 5000 jobs were terminated from Govt depts whereas only 1377 govt jobs were given, but before the election BJP promised to give 50000 govt jobs in first one year. With all these, public have rejected to attend Modi rally and landslide of BJP in Tripura with top leaders’ joining in Congress is now resulting.Modi today has faced the second flop rally after Tripura Assembly Election (February 9 was his first visit). Modi however asked the voters to vote for Kamal-Chaap and to strengthen the Chowkidar.

Modi said, “Kamal Chaap double engine only can cause development in Tripura. I appeal to all voters to press on Kamal Chaap and start the double engine which can develop, strengthen Chowkidar. Remember, when you will vote for Kamal (Lotus) it will directly go to me. I still remember before the Election, I promised that I will gift Hira to Tripura and state govt has started working on that already”. “From free gas connectivity to Ayushman Bharat, Kishan Yojna Tripura Govt has worked in the correct direction. Soon, 3500 crores of moneys will be spent for Tripura farmers. Earlier many promises were made for the farmers but only Chowkidar could allocate the money”, said Narendra Modi. Modi further said that BJP govt at centre has fulfilled long pending demands of ADC and 30% funds have been increased under Tribal Welfare Dept in budget.

“1.5 lakhs of farmers have been benefited from the farmers’ scheme. Tripura Govt is first time buying direct crops from the farmers. There is no Commission-khor in between. Tripura was facilitated with various express trains. Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport is shaping into an international airport. Work on Feni rivers has been going on to connect Bangladesh with Tripura via a bridge. Via waterways, Tripura will be connected through neighboring countries and states”, said Modi.

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