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‘Pura Hindustan hi Chowkidar’, says Modi amid flop rally
TIWN April 7, 2019
‘Pura Hindustan hi Chowkidar’, says Modi amid flop rally
PHOTO : Right : PM Modi addressing at Udaipur, Left : Less people attended Modi's rally. TIWN Pics April 7

Udaipur (Tripura), April 7 (TIWN): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday while addressing at Udaipur in Gomati District of Tripura raised chants of ‘Mai bhi Chowkidar’ among the BJP supporters.

Modi was saying ‘Mai Bhi’ and the crowd replied, ‘Chowkidar’. After the chants, Modi told the crowd, “Pura Hindustan hi Chowkidar”.

Modi asked the voters to cast votes for kamal-chaap and to strengthen the Chowkidar again.

“Kamal-chaap double engine will bring massive development in Tripura for which the Govt has already started working”, said Modi.

However, so far PM Modi’s election rally in Tripura was lacking enthusiasm. A small field which was chosen at Udaipur could not be filled which merely can hold few thousands of gathering.

While addressing, Modi claimed that in last one year Tripura developed a lot and state’s law and order also has developed heavily.

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