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Crime Queen spending Crores of Drug Smuggling Cash for Election, says ‘I couldn’t enjoy Roti in Childhood due to Poverty’ : How Pratima Bhowmik’s property multiplied crores before 2018 Assembly Election ?
TIWN April 4, 2019
Crime Queen spending Crores of Drug Smuggling Cash for Election, says ‘I couldn’t enjoy Roti in Childhood due to Poverty’ : How Pratima Bhowmik’s property multiplied crores before 2018 Assembly Election ?
PHOTO : Pratima Bhowmik addressing in a programme. PC : Social media.

AGARTALA, April 4 (TIWN): Crime Queen playing all kinds of drama to fool voters via emotion or offering drug money to win votes. In the viral paid-interview to a BJP channel where Pratima Bhowmik entered a school during school hours for election campaigning, was seen boasting her childhood amid grips of poverty to advertise sympathy. Pratima said, her family was very poor and did not see Rotis in childhood and thus she loves to ear Rotis, but now question raises how come her properties crossed crores 1 crore before the Election. There are multiple allegation against Pratima Bhowmik for illegal money earning as it is impossible for a “social worker” to make crores from a poor background. Pratima Bhowmik has become the most controversial MP candidate violating mode-code of conducts everyday.

Pratima Bhowmik used a journalist to enter as school and then classes and asked the students who should win the election.  

The journalist further asked the students whom they would be voted if they were 18 years old ? In reply, the students had to utter Pratima Bhowmik’s name.The teachers further promoted her saying with lakhs of voting majority she can win, whereas she was promoting that schoolwide debate competitions and games were started by her only. 

She sat for long in the school and all school was paralyzed by her entry. For long school teachers talked to the media and said, they would be very happy if Pratima Bhowmik becomes the MP candidate. Her programme in the school was prepared, rehearsed and students were taught what to tell before media.

Yesterday, in another programme, Pratima Bhowmik said, “BJP activists will be Chowkidaars of booths and BJP will make sure oppositions’ Jamanat-Jabd on 11 and 18 April.

After 96% illegal, by force winning of in local body elections, now it is clearly evident that BJP is planning to launch massive election rigging to bag both seats in the Lok Sabha Election. Pratima Bhowmik’s similar statements were complained again and again to the Election Commission but till now, no action against her has been taken.Tripura election to be conducted in two phases April 11 and April 18 for West and East Tripura constituencies.

Controversial BJP leader Pratima Bhowmik who divided BJP in two parts in last one year and turned BJP from most popular to most hated party in Tripura has left with no other option to win election democratically.

Across Tripura massive violence are going on, specially in the West Tripura as Bhowmik is the candidate of this seat, which was expected. 

Pratima Bhowmik’s hooligans under her brother Biswajit Bhowmik and 1 day after her rival CPI-M MP Shankar Prasad Dutta was attacked by BJP, Pratima Bhowmik said, “We are living in Independent Tripura and you ask the communist also, there is no violence in this state now. In last one year, we are able to breath”.

“Earlier we heard India is poor country whereas now Modi Govt has reduced poverty and all sections of people are living in a certain standard as Modi Govt could give various facilities to poor successfully”, she added.

Pratima Bhowmik was allegedly responsible for attacks upon opposition in last 1 year where above 2000 opposition activists were seriously injured and 6 were killed and many people’s houses, properties were burnt. Also she without having any official position directly controls official matters of Biplab Deb’s Govt. Top BJP leaders have resigned from party after BJP nominated her as MP candidate.

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