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‘How Biplab Deb would know what development held in 25 yrs who came before few months of 2018 Election ?', Badal Choudhury rips Motormouth’s JUMLA Bluffs
TIWN April 3, 2019
‘How Biplab Deb would know what development held in 25 yrs who came before few months of 2018 Election ?', Badal Choudhury rips Motormouth’s JUMLA Bluffs
PHOTO : Badal Chiudhury addressing media. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, April 3 (TIWN): Former Finance Minister, Marxist leader Badal Choudhury has exposed Biplab Deb’s motormouth that ‘No development happened in Tripura in last 25 years’ said, “How would the Chief Minister know about the developments held in Tripura in last 25 years who came just few months back the Assembly Election 2018 ?” Badal Choudhury in a media briefing said, “The previous Govt worked for massive development and logically, constructively proceeded with the developmental projects. Many works were done already, whereas few left without completion with the gap of few months of tenure when the Left Front Govt was dropped. People of Tripura know everything but what I want to tell Biplab Deb to complete the incomplete projects of the Left Govt including connectivity, education, health and other departments".

"If you can complete those works, there would be no need of Vision Document also. Whatever was laid in the Vision Document are all impractical. Not a single step was taken to fulfill it, but the Left Front Govt has given a certain duty upon you and you must fulfill those duties by completing the ongoing works”.“We have all infrastructure but one has to kick off the projects at least”, he added.

“If you focus on Left Front Govt’s unfinished works, then Tripura will surely be developed but if you want to politicalize Left Govt’s developmental works then Tripura people will be devastated. So, do not go in this way”, Badal Choudhury said for Biplab Deb.

“I have already told the Health Ministry in a statement that the works, projects we started for health dept do them and give a practical shape in that. IGM building is completed today. Another building was there on the East side, dedicated for a complete Nursing College as Tripura still lacks such a college which would help to take higher education in nursing. In West side, there is another building. We have tremendous doctors’ crisis Specialist doctors are needed allover the state. Start arrangement for such educational courses to mitigate the crisis under MCI recognition. From outside doctors are brought, but state should have specialists too. At least 7 superseniority sectors can be made easily”, said Choudhury.

Taking a dig at delaying flyover project, Badal Choudhury said that the project of flyover should not be politicalized If corruption was held then place the report before public. What is the problem to place the report ? Moreover, where is the problem to open the flyover till Govt goes to a conclusion. If you play dirty politics with this, people of Tripura will not forgive you as the PWD is under you. If you want to sent PWD the then Minister (Badal Chouhdury), then he will go, but you must open the flyover.

Talking about BJP’s propaganda about two lane road projects, Badal Choudhury said, these are totally baseless as it was Left Front Govt which took up the projects in hand. Foundation for that was laid in UPA era.

He also mentioned about all roadways, irrigation projects.

Badal Choudhury also said, “If Biplab Deb can bring ships in Gomati, not only  Biplab Deb but whole Tripura will be happy.

Badal Choudhury added, “We saw emergency times and Congress era. People died in those eras but BJP today is walking in the same way. Oppositions are unable to do any political work for election. Around 600 party offices were bulldozed but freedom of speech is died today”.

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