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BJP to remain as ‘Chowkidar’ to make ‘Ek Tripura, Shreshtha Tripura’
TIWN March 31, 2019
BJP to remain as ‘Chowkidar’ to make ‘Ek Tripura, Shreshtha Tripura’
PHOTO : Left : MP Modi with IPFT President NC Debbarma in a public rally. Right : Mohila Morcha displaying banners under mai bhi Chowkidasr.

AGARTALA, March 31 (TIWN): With a bad news for IPFT supporters after calling IPFT leaders as goats, now BJP has said, the party will be functioning as Chowkidar to make ‘Ek Tripura, Shrestha Tripura., depressing NC Debbarma's claim of making Tipraland.

In a rally held on the Rabindra Bhawan premise, the Mohila Morcha activists have displayed “Mai bhi Chowkidar” banner in various forms and quotes.

Mohila Morcha raised slogan and displayed banners as, “I am Chowkidar against illiteracy”, “I am Chowkidar against tortures on women”, “I am Chowkidar”, “I am Chowkidar for 125 crores Indians”.

On the other side, NC Debbarma said that if BJP doesn’t agree with Tipraland issue, then it would think about the alliance after March 23rd (Lok Sabha Election result day).

Tipraland is the name of a proposed state in India. The formation of "Tipraland", a state within the TTAADC, under articles 2 and 3 of the Indian Constitution is demanded by a political party called the Indigenous People's Front of Tripura as one of their political agenda.

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