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Why BJP leaders don’t raised 50000 Govt job promise issue ?
TIWN March 30, 2019
Why BJP leaders don’t raised 50000 Govt job promise issue ?
PHOTO : Biplab Deb promising Mandai villagers about TSR jobs.

AGARTALA, March 30 (TIWN): When BJP leaders are claiming tall about developmental issues, the leaders are quite silent on promises like 50000 govt jobs in first year and house to house jobs like promises.

7.5 unemployed youths who were promised to get at least 50,000 Govt jobs in the first year of Govt formation have expressed massive resentment against the BJP led State Govt in Tripura for taking 180 degree turn from the pre-poll promises. However, there is no lack in the confidence of BJP to win the election at any cost. Massive fund flows are going on in support of BJP party aimed two seats in Tripura. Now, how much unemployed youths vote banks would affect BJP in the upcoming election it’s under analysis.

BJP before the election had promised to recruit 50,000 unemployed youths in 50,000 vacant posts, but after the election, the Govt is going just in the opposite direction. 

Instead of recruiting, BJP Govt has cancelled all existing recruitments. Most surprisingly Tripura Public Service Commission (TPSC) which is autonomous body, has cancelled many recruitments, which were going since two years.

However, BJP has said it is confident to win the Lok Sabha election denying no promise was broken. 

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