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‘Stone pelting has become BJP’s trend, Constitution is silent’ : MP Jiten
TIWN March 25, 2019
‘Stone pelting has become BJP’s trend, Constitution is silent’ : MP Jiten
PHOTO : Left : Vehicle of MP Shankar Prasad Dutta vandalized on yesterday. Right : MP Jitendra Chaudhury addressing at Telimaura public rally today.

AGARTALA / TELIAMURA, March 25 (TIWN): CPI-M sitting MP, East Tripura candidate Jitendra Chaudhury has slammed BJP’s trend of stone pelting which was never seen in Tripura before few years. Addressing at Teliamura, MP Jitendra Chaudhury said, “Everywhere tension, terrors are existing in BJP era. Beating opposition, stone pelting, vandalizing houses, cars are now new trend imported in the state by the BJP. In CPI-M’s time elections were celebrated like festival, women used to wear traditional dresses to cast their votes in booths, but in last 1 year that voting right, the fundamental right are prohibited. If anyone protests then their houses will be burnt, family members will be beaten. Public are repenting after voting for BJP”. “Who will save the attacked people. Stone pelting BJP’s new trend and police are mute spectator/ Now administration have to listen whatever the hooligans say and the constitution is silent. How far such suffocating situation can go on”?, said MP Jitendra Chaudhury.

“Businessmen, farmers are realizing what is called a Dushashan-Govt under the autocracy of BJP. Now people have to decide whether Tripura will be ruled under the evils or will be changed to restore democracy where people can breath, can enjoy their democratic rights”, said Chaudhury.

“This election is not just a political battle but it’s a strive to bring back the previous tradition of equality, brotherhood across hills and plain areas. This election is not only election a rivalry between political parties but battle for food, for rights also. CPI-M is just the symbol, of the battle but it’s not a fight between CPI-M vs. BJP”.

“BJP has to be defeated. If BJP can not be defeated then democracy will be lost permanently”, he added.

“BJP wants to fix how people would move, what people would do, what they would do. Massive destructions were done in last 5 years, but the rest destruction will be done in next 5 years if BJP comes in power”.

Taking a dig at Tripura BJP Govt, Chaudhury said, “What promise BJP could fulfil in last 1 year ? It has worked to lock Govt jobs and to suggest youths to open paan shops and to start cow-rearing”.

Exampling Tripura BJP’s JUMLA politics before election like missed-call jobs, the MP said at centre also same attempts were taken to win the election back in 2014 like farmers’ rights, 2 crores jobs in 1 year etc.

He further added that the “Acchee Din” has only come for Ambani, Adani, Nirav Modi but not for common men.

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