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‘Who says Vision Document not working, 90% work on process’, claims Biplab Deb
TIWN March 24, 2019
‘Who says Vision Document not working, 90% work on process’, claims Biplab Deb
PHOTO : Tripura CM Biplab Deb. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, March 24 (TIWN): Vision Document published by Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley which has already failed in the first year with exposer of various fake promises like 50000 govt jobs will be given in the first year, Chief Minister Biplab Deb has announced ahead of Lok Sabha election that 90% of Vision Document’s work is completed.

Biplab Deb was addressing to his party workers and said, the previous govt left debts for Biplab Deb Govt and so he is unbale to proceed with the promises. However, the debt was nothing news as the Left Govt worked with deficit budget it was well-known, but the new BJP Govt is presenting zero-deficit budget in exchange of huge public taxes received from public including pensioners.

Earlier, Biplab Deb said that he gave pay matrix with taxpayers’ money but yesterday said, Modi gave that money.

Only 0.32 factor was hiked, depriving DAs for years, Biplab Deb claims 7th Pay Commission scale was given, whereas before the election BJP promised to double the salaries.

The allowances, hikes were promised to give from March 2016, but BJP is playing delay game with Vision Document but CM pitched high that 300 rupees of allowances were hiked. Report says, allowances have been stopped to many beneficiaries leading massive crisis in rural economy along with crisis in MGNREGA mandays.

When 20 lakhs youths were promised to give, Biplab Deb said  5 crores kept the budget to give 12000 youths smart phones. 

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