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TIWN’s war against JUMLA : TIWN Editor says, ‘Who wins Election is not important but JUMLA Party’s removal is most important to save Democracy in Tripura, Biplab-Pratima JUMLA Era to end soon’
TIWN March 23, 2019
TIWN’s war against JUMLA : TIWN Editor says, ‘Who wins Election is not important but JUMLA Party’s removal is most important to save Democracy in Tripura, Biplab-Pratima JUMLA Era to end soon’
PHOTO : Left : Attack on TIWN published in National media, Right : Pratima Bhowmik submits nominations (top).

AGARTALA, March 23 (TIWN): TIWN Editor & NRI Saumen Sarkar strongly protested against criminalization of Tripura Politics and Criminals entry into Lok Sabha Election. Reacting over BJP’s declaration of Crime Queen Pratima Bhowmik as MP candidate, (TIWN) Editor Saumen Sarkar via Facebook Live & YouTube from USA on Friday night said that no normal person with healthy mind should vote for Crime Queen Pratima Bhowmik. BJP aim is not to developing the country but to fool people, loot country by various means as illegal works and demonetization like JUMLA. Pratima Bhowmik’s criminal history spanning over 2 decades as she alongwith her brother Bishwajit runs a Narcotics Smuggling Empire resulting crores of income from Phensedyl, Marijuana smuggling. Addressing from USA, TIWN Editor Saumen Sarkar rubbished the idea that BJP had any influence in Tripura, rather Congress supporters and leaders strengthened BJP above 40% from 1%.

 “The leaders who joined BJP from Congress are again returning back to Congress, which is a very good sign. The main opposition CPI-M is also working very hard and it’s very positive sign.

TIWN Editor’s interview in YouTube:

In last one year, the JUMLA party tortured, fooled people a lot, whereas now it seems that the deadline of JUMLA era is very closeby. In last one year huge tortures were done on common men and it’s only Tripurainfowaywhich publishes truthful news and Tripura knows what kind of attacked we had to face. From blocking TIWN to harassing my old parents nothing was left and the whole illegal activities operation was instructed by Pratima Bhowmik like people, whose entry has sidelined all good people from party and now Subal Bhowmik like strong BJP leader who was to be treated as BJP’s asset now has left the party”.

“I think, Tripura’s Kings also never could imagine such an ignorant person will sit in Chief Minister’s post, who can’t talk in any language properly, neither Biplab Deb knows Hindi properly, neither Bengali properly. It proves BJP’s worst choice of candidate for CM’s post”.

“In last 12 months not a single work BJP could do properly. BJP MLA Surajit Dutta like person are hitting own party leaders by calling as puppy. Now all top leaders are quitting as all frauds are occupying the party. Now in one side of BJP, Biplab Deb and Pratima Bhowmik are standing whereas on the other side, nobody is supporting them. Thus as soon as the election will be ended then BJP Govt will be broken after Lok Sabha election with two-third majority and most likely someone like Sudip Roy Barman will become the Chief Minister”, said Saumen Sarkar, adding BJP hardly to get 100 to 130 seats.

“In the last election BJP bagged votes from cow-belts but now all cow-belt states are out of BJP’s control. Media report also said, Modi is not at all becoming the PM again”

“Pratima Bhowmik and her brother Bishwajit are connected to drug smuggling which whole Tripura knows. Crime cases  murdering own brother’s wife is against her. But to save herself from all these she joined BJP and sidelined with criminals. In the same way from Assam Minister Himanta Biswa to Pratima Bhowmik all scamsters join BJP to save themselves. The whole party is rooted by criminals”, said TIWN Editor Saumen Sarkar. 

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