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Pradyot Manikya introduces new slogan for Congress ‘Cholo Ultai'
TIWN March 20, 2019
Pradyot Manikya introduces new slogan for Congress ‘Cholo Ultai'
PHOTO : Rahul Gandhi kicked off election rally in Khumulwng, Pradyot Manikya addressing masses. TIWN Pic March 20

AGARTALA, March 20 (TIWN): Tripura Congress State President Pradyot Manikya on Wednesday has launched a new slogan for the State Congress “Cholo Ultai”.

A slogan was inspired to mock BJP’s “Cholo Paltai” slogan which the party raised before 2018-election followed by 25 years of CPI-M regime and manage various Congress leaders to join BJP.

Challenging, BJP’s era will be ended in Tripura Pradyot Manikya said that from now “Cholo Ultai” slogan will be raised, as BJP has exposed for coming in power with lies.

“It was good to remove CPI-M but with lies BJP has come in power and now PM Modi only comes to give lectures”.

“Sentiments are attempted to be touched by Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport but on the other side, unemployed youths are asked to open paan-shops or rear cows….”

“Narendra Modi comes, promises and goes. Regional parties are feed with money and once Modi goes, the parties are also silent. We also received offers to join BJP, but the BJP did not understand us. The cholo-paltai slogan will be converted into Cholo-Ultai movement”, said Pradyot Manikya. 

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