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Holi, the festival of colour begins in Tripura
TIWN March 20, 2019
Holi, the festival of colour begins in Tripura
PHOTO : Holi celebrated in Tripura. TIWN Pic March 20

AGARTALA, March 20 (TIWN): Along with the country, State is celebrating Holi with great enthusiasm.

The main festival also known as “Rong Khela” to be marked tomorrow.

Shopkeepers all across the state were observed busy in arranging various colors to brighten the celebration.

Most of the shops in the city have already started to display various colours. Markets are witnessing heavy rush as preparation for the festival of colours gained momentum.

It is to be mentioned here that the festival of holi is the annual Hindu religious festival in which people fling bright colour powders and scented water at one another.

Holi celebrates the Hindu story of Prahlada. Prahlada was a prince dedicated to the worship of Vishnu, a major Hindu god. Prahlada's father and aunt opposed his religious faith, and as punishment made him sit in the middle of a raging bonfire. Vishnu protected Prahlada, and the prince did not burn.

The colors mark both Prahlada's flickering bonfire and the bright colors associated with spring.

The Holi festival has further cultural significance. It is the festive day to end and rid oneself of past errors, to end conflicts by meeting others, a day to forget and forgive. People pay or forgive debts, as well as deal anew with those in their lives.

Holi also marks the start of spring and for many the start of the New Year.

The celebration of the festival of Holi has been attributed to various legends. Holi is also known by various names in different parts of India. Holi is known by various names like Lathmaar Holi, Dulandi Holi, Rangpanchami, Basant Utsav, Dol Purnima, Hola Mohalla, Shimgo, Kaman Pandigai and Phagu Purnima.


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