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‘Tripura Police hyperactive with false cases against TIWN Editor, but inactive with rape/murder cases’ : HC Advocate Bhaskar Debbarma terms Attacks-on-Media as ‘Black Days of Democracy'
TIWN March 14, 2019
‘Tripura Police hyperactive with false cases against TIWN Editor, but inactive with rape/murder cases’ : HC Advocate Bhaskar Debbarma terms Attacks-on-Media as ‘Black Days of Democracy'
PHOTO : Adv Bhaskar Debbarma (Left) in an interview in Channel Mrinalini Editor Rajib Datta.

AGARTALA, March 14 (TIWN): Tripura High Court advocate Bhaskar Debbarma in an interview on Thrusday with Channel Mrinalini Editor Rajib Datta reacting over Biplab Deb Govt and Tripura Police’s illegal attacks on media has slammed the police for harassing honest people with fabricated cases, whereas in serious cases like murders, rape, the police cell stay slumber. The interview was held with Bhaskar Debbarma in Mrinalini Channel after the recent two verdicts by High Court of Tripura filed by him in relation with Editor and illegal harassment of Editor’s parents and state journalists.Bhaskar Debbarma said, “Tripura since around a year is reeling under black-days. No freedom of speech is existing anymore. Media has been paralyzed, unable to do any govt-criticism. Whenever criticism on the govt is done, the media houses are forced to be shutdown”.“Historically, court has taken lead to save democracy and civil rights. In Tripura right now also, people’s trusts on court system is increasing as court is the only pillar which can save the democracy”, he said.

“Attacks on State media started since Daily-Desher-Katha which was shutdown with a very simple issue. Then gradually, Channel Din-Raat, Channel Mrinalini etc were attacked…….…..because Govt doesn’t want any criticism. Media is the mirror of the Govt. But, today Tripura is surprised with the ongoing Black-Days”, Bhaskar Debbarma told Channel Mrinalini.

“Saumen Sarkar runs a non-profitable media, resides in America. His 70 years old mother, 80 years old father, who are very ill were harassed by police in late-night for 3 times……….… a time  out of police harassment they left state. Then I filed a petition and did my best to help them. Then High Court in a verdict saved Saumen Sarkar’s parents’ Civil Right…. The chief aim of police was to harass them and to shutdown on January 23”, the advocate added.

Saying Tripura Police are lacking senses, Bhaskar Debbarma said, “When people are murdered , raped, killed after rape….. police have no seriousness with those issue, but with fabricated cases, they become hyperactive. People no more can trust police”

“When our lawyer Pradip Modok was murdered, police arrested his sister just as an eyewash, whereas my client Saumen Sarkar was charged by 3 fabricated cases, which are totally baseless and fake”.

Hitting Tripura Police, Bhaskar Debbarma said, ”Truth will always be truth and you can’t turn a lie into a truth. The fabricated cases you are filing today, oneday Saumen Sarkar will file case. Then you will be in trouble. Saumen Sarkar will file case against you in  future”.

Talking about the last verdict of High Court on January 7 where a journalist was harassed and High Court stopped police from further harassing her, Bhaskar Debbarma said, “Susmita Majumder was actually working in Tripura-Infoway-News, not in the website directly, but police to create a panic in the surrounding, started harassing her. For hours, she was interrogated by police in one lawyer’s home. After long interrogation, police told her,’We have known everything from you. You may go………’..She became happy, but on the next day police again called her to come in the East Agartala PS. Not, only this, police have also asked her parents to attend the police at police station. Susmita’s father told police that his wife is ill, just overcame a brain stroke with 76% kidney failure, undergoing psychological problem…. But police forced them that they have to come…. Then out of fear, Susmita left state. Then on 27th November, 2018 huge police force rushed to her home. Can you imagine ? Did she do any murder or robbery that police went there with huge force, or as if like a Terrorist has entered her home ?”

“Then also police didn’t stop and continued serving notices. After that, I filed the case and in the final hearing judge ordered to stop all such hooliganism of police and said, if any notice is needed to be served then infornt of a lawyer of her choice its has to be given…”, B. Debbrama said.

“It proves that police are no more for public, but for ruling political party. There is no law and order existing in the state. The leaders have forgotten all promises, but when being criticized, they are attacking journalist”, he said.

“For all illegal actions of police, it is CM Biplab Deb is directly, indirectly reliable”, Bhaskar Debbarma added.

Talking about two journalists’ murders, CBI investigation, Delhi visit of a section of journalists before Assembly Election, Bhaskar Debbarma said, “The victim families didn’t get justice yet. The journalists who protested for CBI investigation, they are settled, they did all settings followed by the murders and promoted after the new Govt came, but as the murderers belong to ruling party, how would these two journalists get justice ?”

The High Court lawyer ended by urging media, not to publish fake news and to publish truthful news and if any problem is being faced, then law will stand by them and “Court’s door is open for all”.

Channel Mrinalini also urged state journalists to keep faith on court saying, “HC has ushered a hope of Justice for media and journalists”.


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