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FIR lodged against BJP supporters for attacking businessman
TIWN March 11, 2019
FIR lodged against BJP supporters for attacking businessman

AGARTALA, March 11 (TIWN): FIR was lodged against BJP supporter Ratul Dey and other few more supporters for attacking a businessman who is working in Tripura for 3 years.

However, so far action against Ratul Dey is unknown, but the businessman has told public if anything happens to him, it will be Ratul Dey responsible for that.

Ratul Dey not only telephoned that businessman using slang language over phone, but also in group attacked him in night hours.

Calling the businessman an outsider, Ratul Dey gave him life threats. Public have also made videos of that incident.

The businessman said, Ratul Dey was backing his support in ruling BJP but nobody could talk to him in such ugly manner, neither he has connection with persons of such  background who can use that level of slang words. 

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