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Rahul Gandhi's arrival date yet to be announced by Congress officially
TIWN March 10, 2019
Rahul Gandhi's arrival date yet to be announced by Congress officially
PHOTO : Rahul Gandhi attending a Congress rally. File Photo.

AGARTALA, March 10 (TIWN): After a successful rally at Guwahati in Assam, National Congress President Rahul Gandhi to visit in Tripura, but his arrival date has not yet announced.

Rahul Gandhi during his Assam visit said, the Northeast Congress committee is made with various flavours of sentiments and confidence.

Gandhi further asked his Congress members not to fight election with hatred, but by love as at the end ‘Hindustan is always won by brotherhood’.

 During Northeast visit, Congress National President Rahul Gandhi while interacting with Northeast  Congress leaders has said that he is expecting 20+ seats from Northeast may be 22 out of 25.

“Congress is going to win 2019 Election. This is the reality and nobody can stop Congress to win”, said Gandhi.

“Congress will win at least 20 seats, but not less than 20. Here in Northeast, in wrong way Congress Govts were removed and one after one we have to bring back the Govts of Congress”, said Gandhi.

The national Congress president further said, Congress want to listen to each sections of people and their sentiments.

“Here varieties of cultures, tradition, languages are there and we want to go to each”.

 “We will fight the election with our best efforts and not only 20 but more than 22 seats should be go to Congress”, Gandhi added. 

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