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1992-93’s offer letter received deprived unemployed demand Justice
TIWN March 10, 2019
1992-93’s offer letter received deprived unemployed demand Justice
PHOTO : 1992-93’s offer letter received deprived unemployed demand Justice. TIWN Pic March 10

AGARTALA, March 10 (TIWN): The job victims of 1992-1993 have once again met today under the banner of 'Tripura Rajya Offer Prapta Bekar Sangstha'.

 Revealing the facts further the deprived people said, "We filed case in the court against our job cancellation, but the case was in our capacity till High Court and after that state govt took the case at Supreme Court, but at Supreme Court we didn't fight further, as it was beyond our economic condition".

They also alleged the CPI-M Govt had snatched their employment cards forever, so that they can’t appear in further interviews.

They have demanded a “Job” in exchange of “Job-deprivation”.

The deprived claimed that they were politically targeted in 1993 and their fault was they didn't belong to CPI-M.

 Thus, aiming to get 'justice', the 1993 CPI-M era's job-terminated political victims now have knocked the door of BJP Govt demanding justice, but as the new Govt is taking any initiative thus they have planned to take more programmes in their support.

All of them had received appointment letters under the Congress Govt in 1992 but when govt changed in 1993 then their offer letters were cancelled.

Recently BJP Govt too has also rejected TSR Jobs aspirants hopes who received offers in CPI-M Govt’s time. 
Also all existing recruitments have been stopped by the new Govt.

When so many deprive people are already existing, how far Govt would listen to 1992’s victims, a big cloud hovering over that 

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