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Tripura observes birth anniversary of Ramakrishna
TIWN March 8, 2019
Tripura observes birth anniversary of Ramakrishna

AGARTALA, March 8 (TIWN) : Devotees across Tripura thronged to Ramakrishna Missions on Friday observed the birth anniversary of Ramakrishna Paramhamsa Deb.

In every subdivisions of Tripura there are various Maths (Belur Math) or Ramakrishna Seba Asram and on Thursday mass gathering was followed on those places.

Sri Ramakrishna (1836 to 1886) was a famous Saint in the 19th century India, is till remembered due to his service for mankind.  Ramakrishna (birthday anniversary) celebration is based on the custom Hindu lunar calendar. 

 According to the Gregorian calendar, Sri Ramakrishna was born on 18th February 1836. As per as custom Hindu calendar Tithi Sri Ramakrishna Jayanti 2016 date is 10th March. 

 Swami Ramakrishna was born into a very poor devotionally religious family in the Kamarpukur village, Hooghly, West Bengal, India. He was a priest of the Dakshineswar Kali temple, devoted to the goddess Kali. He is famously known as Ramakrishna Paramahamsa among his devotees. 

  Many programs are being conducted by Ramakrishna mission in India and in several other countries around the world on the ‘Ramakrishna Jayanti’ Day.

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