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Victory of ‘Democracy’ : Tripura High Court issued stay-order on BJP Govt’s notice on banning SFI’s book stall, BJP's ‘Anti-National’ definition proven wrong, JUMLA Evils defeated
TIWN Feb 22, 2019
Victory of ‘Democracy’ : Tripura High Court issued stay-order on BJP Govt’s notice on banning SFI’s book stall, BJP's ‘Anti-National’  definition proven wrong, JUMLA Evils defeated
PHOTO : Left : SFI's book staal, Right : Tripura High Court.

AGARTALA, Feb 22 (TIWN): Biplab Deb Govt’s Mafia tactics against democratic rights once again defeated by Judiciary as SFI stall to reopen in Agartala Book Fair. Tripura High Court has questioned the claim of BJP led State Govt which charged SFI’s book stall inappropriate at Agartala Book Fair. BJP supporters centering Pulwama terror attack sentiment, hit the CPI-M’s student wing SFI as anti-national for selling two books 1) Gujarat Files and 2) Students Struggle and throughout facebook such allegations were made viral that SFI’s book stall is anti-national and then under the interference of Chief Minister Biplab Deb and partially Deputy CM Jishnu Dev Verma the book stall was closed. SFI filed a petition in High Court and in the first hearing the book stall was licensed again. This move once again proves that according to BJP, criticizing Modi and exposing BJP is called Anti-Nationalism. Celebration moods are across CPI-M student and youth wings since the moral victory of SFI at the High Court. SFI’s book stall is named “Chatra Sambad”, was also looted on the first night of Agartala Book Fair and on the next day it was closed under BJP hooligans open threats. The video of threatening of saffron-mafias to the Fair-authority is also viral in social media.

The book stall has opened from today 2 pm rubbishing BJP's claim of SFI's books as anti-national.

Background : Book Fair started on February 15. Since the beginning SFI’s stalls came under direct physical attacks and on the first night the book stall was looted, vandalized. But the Govt hasn’t taken any action against the miscreants for attacking SFI’s stall, rather it has banned the book stall itself. SFI also alleged that BJP and a section of media either nationally or inside Tripura on February 15 night started propaganda that anti-national books should be removed from the book fair.  Before attacking the SFI’s stalls few BJP backed media started propaganda that anti-national books might be removed from book fairs. As soon as SFI’s stall was vandalized, various fake accounts have come in action to place their statements in social media that CPI-M is China, Pak supporters and worships Marx and Lenin.

On February 19, the book stall was banned officially.

In a press meet on the same day, SFI  said, “The book which has erupted the overall controversy is named “Gujarat-Files”. We want to ask, in which way “Gujarat Files” is an anti-national book ? It is not legally banned and another book is “Students Struggle” which is a registered book. So, those who are labeling us as anti-national, we challenge them these books are not against nation. The cause for closing our book-stall which they have shown in official letter is totally baseless and the allegations they brought that we are anti-national is totally lie. We never kept any such book in our stall which is against nation’s prestige. We told the fair authority, but what the authority said would shock you as they said no book against the Govt is allowed”.

SFI  announced to file legal case against the BJP Govt for banning its book stall at Agartala Book Fair and today in High Court victory of books, victory of democracy and freedom of speech was saved.


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