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Constructor workers protested for Rights
TIWN Feb 22, 2019
Constructor workers protested for Rights
PHOTO : CITU held protest demanding workers' rights. TIWN Pic Feb 22

AGARTALA, Feb 22 (TIWN): Constructor workers under CITU, CPI-M’s workers unit marched a protest rally here in Agartala on Friday with their certain demands.

The agitation proceeded towards the Labour Office followed by a mass deputation.

Addressing media, CITU leader MP Shankar Prasad Datta said, “CPI-M Govt was workers-friendly and always via discussions fixed issues with the workers. But the new Govt on the one side has decreased MGNREGA works and on the other side various Govt project sponsored mandays were also decreased”.

“The brick-industry workers conditions are pathetic and in the same way workers of all sections are deprived”, he said.

The MP also mentioned, there are funds under the Govt made by the workers money but even after having crores of funds at there, the Govt is not expending that fund.

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