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BJP activists visiting house to house, forcing ‘Desh Bhakti’ Terror in Mafia style among Citizens
TIWN Feb 22, 2019
BJP activists visiting house to house, forcing ‘Desh Bhakti’ Terror in Mafia style among Citizens

AGARTALA, Feb 22 (TIWN): Under Biplab’s ‘Saddam Hussein’ style misrule, State suffering under Saffron terror as colon public are getting attacked for their Facebook posts.

 Without Home Dept’s permission which is handled by Chief Minister Biplab Deb nobody would dare to rush to people’s home and threat them about any “would be thing”. but today in Tripura there is no need of police and courts as BJP hooligans are threatening people even though they are the criminals who are making fake IDs of people to prove them as anti-national. Such lawless era Tripura never witnessed earlier.

At book fair also openly hooligans are threatening before camera to the fair authority at the age gap of 20 years of seniority and BJP Govt feels proud of it. The book which are released under constitutional rights, are banned by BJP because it criticized PM Modi, who is known as the most feku PM of India.

However, Biplab Deb alone can not be blamed as across India same situations are going on, whereas at Bengal BJP leader kidnapped own daughter to create Hindu-Muslim riot.

Also it’s exposed BJP is paying celebrities to tweet in election interest and to propagate nationalism in favour of the ruling Modi Govt.

However, Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb was caught in camera playing with balloons when national anthem was going on the background.

The incident has taken place when a food park was being inaugurated in presence of a central Minister at Agartala.

Biplab Deb was laughing and flying balloons and looking at the sky during the national anthem.

 However, media has pinched saying that there would not be much criticism on that issue as Biplab Deb is a BJP leader. 

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