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‘Acche Din or Democracy in Peril ?’ : From Modi’s Demonetization to Biplab Govt’s Scrutiny Social Pensioners’ list, all is kicking Poor People’s belly
TIWN Feb 21, 2019
‘Acche Din or Democracy in Peril ?’ : From Modi’s Demonetization to Biplab Govt’s Scrutiny Social Pensioners’ list, all is kicking Poor People’s belly
PHOTO : PM Modi with CM Biplab Deb at Astabal stadium on January 9, 2019.

AGARTALA, Feb 21 (TIWN): Modi Govt has failed to bring back black money, also failed to make a cash-less society, but under Fasal Bima Yojna lakhs of rupees were taken from Tripura farmers whereas in return they got nothing. Now in case of social pension, Social Welfare Dept is day-night brining excuse of “scrutiny” of beneficiaries list which started since March month in 2018 and yet to be ended. All these proves, the Govt doesn’t have any capacity to benefit the poor people or to fight back corruptions or cheatfunds rather made to benefit the Ambani, Modi like multicrore beneficiaries. Demonetization only caused harassments to the poor people and Modi’s much promise 15 lakh rupees benefit to the poor remained as a joke, even though ahead of election farmers are bribed with Rs. 6000 annually. E-Rickshaw drivers, who have lost permission to ply on Agartala streets in High Court’s order raised question, what should they do now ? They also told media, state has no work-opportunity. (In a evening press meet however CM Biplab Deb said that the total chaos of E-rickshaw was done by police without Govt's permission and also he suspended a police officer).

But in the same way, crisis and cries are going on across the state and from a land of peace, Tripura is now a desert-land where unemployment rate is at 30.9% with a record breaking row.

Tripura Congress leader Pradyot Manikya on Wednesday at Congress Bhawan said that ahead of Election Modi Govt is counting vote banks of farmers, whereas Congress always fulfill the given promises as soon as comes in power.

When CPI-M were protesting for 100 days work, a brutal attack took place in that rally at Khowai. Reacting over the ongoing Saddam era’s torture, MP Jitendra Chaudhury said. “People are unable to express their thoughts, raise their issues. On the basis of public-agony, the 10 points demand's deputation has been organized today.The BJP, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that minimum wage will be 340 rupees and 200 days works will be given to the people once BJP voted to power, but today people are not getting not even a minimum works and we are fighting for 100 days works. At the same time, in local bodies a parallel Govt is ruling the state, where no right for common men’s voice is anymore existing”.

More than seven crore persons were rendered unemployed, directly or indirectly, due to demonetization fallout whereas no black money was returned. Referring the irony recently Rahul Gandhi said, “If demonetization was to bring back black money, why only poor people stood at bank rows and not Ambani ?”

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