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MGNREGA mandays drastic fall, Unemployment at 30.9% hit Tripura's economy
TIWN Feb 21, 2019
MGNREGA mandays drastic fall, Unemployment at 30.9% hit Tripura's economy

AGARTALA, Feb 21 (TIWN): Govt of Tripura now a days are busy to draw taxes and revenues for state projects, whereas people’s income have been downed in last one year. Govt now will draw funds from various departments through agency-charge, which were served by PWD for maintenance work in the name of repairing the roadways .Prime Minister Narendra Modi has left Tripura fundless, even though just before 10 days, Modi had a rally in Tripura at the cost of huge public taxes, even though the rally was mass rejected, less crowded at the Astabal ground. Modi’s pre-poll rally even though couldn’t draw any development further but as soon as the departure of Modi, massive attacks started on the opposition Ministers, MPs and leaders. Across Tripura poverty, work-crisis have gripped the normal lives in depression eventhough Govt has denied the claim of any poverty and crisis. Illegal works, including dog-smuggling have also raised high under the economic crisis situation.

Pensioners even though didn’t get any hike salary, but taxes have been imposed on them.

Even though PM Modi on Saturday while addressing at Astabal Stadium had promised that unemployed youths to get income in various means, but the reality of Tripura’s unemployment status is 30.9% which is not only the topmost percentage of the country but also Tripura never had such record in unemployment since the BJP came in power.

50,000 Govt jobs in the first year was the most attractive design of BJP in the Vision Document to draw public attention which magically worked to get 7 lakhs unemployed youths vote banks. But only 26 days have left that 1 year of BJP Govt will be completed but instead of new jobs, BJP Govt has cancelled all the existing recruitments. 

Modi claimed when Feni river bridge will be completed, Tripura to have Indo-Bangla business and unemployed youths can get income.

Also Modi added further via Gomati river ships will come and the unemployed youths to get income.

Modi was silent about BJP’s promise of 50,000 Govt jobs in the first year and house-to-house job promise.Slamming the previous CPI-M Govt, PM Modi said, “Gomati river was in Tripura always but the CPI-M Govt didn’t see that. BJP has seen this and now HIRA is on the right track by it”.

Modi also failed to talk on wage and social pension hikes for Tripura’s poor people. BJP before election promised that Rs. 340 will be the minimum wage whereas social pension will be given at least at Rs. 2000.

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