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11 months of BJP rule in Tripura, ‘Aswash’ turned to ‘Goondaraj’ : MP Jiten
TIWN Feb 21, 2019
11 months of BJP rule in Tripura, ‘Aswash’ turned to ‘Goondaraj’ : MP Jiten
PHOTO : Sadai Debbarnma injured in BJP attack at Khowai. TIWN Pic Feb 20

AGARTALA, Feb 21 (TIWN): After brutal attacks on CPI-M rally at Khowai, MP Jitendar Chaudhury has slammed the BJP for coming in power with fake promise of ‘aswas’ and now creating turmoil in state by ‘goondaraj’.

“Scared to face the peoples anguish and total failure of fulfilling their own commitments, Tripura BJP has taken sheltered under hooligan only. Today in Kowai they have severely injured a poor daily worker, who was participating in a mass -deputation program organized by GMP and TYF joitly  on 10 point demands, by stone pelting from the behind”, said the CPI-M.

MP Jitendar Chaudhury said, “We are holding this mass deputation with the joint attempt of TYF and GMP with our 10 points of demands. The basis of our demands is that the BJP-IPFT Govt came in power with various promises by fooling the people before Assembly Election 2018. They collected the votes with various promises but after 11 months of passage, instead of taking actions to fulfill the promises, rather people’s constitutional rights, citizens’ rights, fundamental rights are being snatched by the Party and its Govt. People are suffocated of the situation due to the lawless condition and economic crisis".

“People are unable to express their thoughts, raise their issues. On the basis of public-agony, the 10 points demand's deputation has been organized today”, the MP said.

“The BJP, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that minimum wage will be 340 rupees and 200 days works will be given to the people once BJP voted to power, but today people are not getting not even a minimum works and we are fighting for 100 days works. At the same time, in local bodies a parallel Govt is ruling the state, where no right for common men’s voice is anymore existing”, he added.

 “The youths were promised to give 50,000 Govt jobs in the first year and in the rest 4 years 6.5 lakhs of jobs to be given, but today instead of recruiting, all existing recruitments have been cancelled through circulations”, MP Jitendra Chaudhury said.

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