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Madrasa teachers demand 2.25 and 2.57 factors pay hikes
TIWN Feb 20, 2019
Madrasa teachers demand 2.25 and 2.57 factors pay hikes
PHOTO : Madrasa teachers held press meet at Agartala Press Club. TIWN Pic Feb 20

AGARTALA, Feb 20 (TIWN): Referring Modi Govt’s Sab-Ka-Sath, Sab-Ka-Bikas matra, the Madrasa teachers in Tripura have placed 6 points of demands to the BJP Govt.

 The 6 demands are :

1) At state Tripura under SPQEM there are total 129 Madrassas. Demands raised to bring them under Grant-In-Aid,

2) Demand of implementing 2.25, 2.57 factors of the Pay Matrix like other State Govt employees,

3) To launch a separate Madrasa board at Tripura.

4) Free B.Ed for Madrasa teachers,

5) 65 years of job-tenure to the teachers under SPQEM,

6) Stipend for students under SPQEM,

The Madrasa teachers said, the Govt is in talking terms with the Madrasa teachers and they believe their demands will be fulfilled shortly. 

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